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Thursday, November 17, 2011

fifty for 50. marks the beginning of my 50th year. (not to confuse, and not to embarrass my parents who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary next month :-), my 50th birthday isn't til 2012 - this is my 50th year. and being one who loves to-do lists, I decided to make a big one for this year.

things to accomplish once and done.
1. grow my hair to wear a pony tail.
2. knit through my WIP's.
3. read mansfield park (and then I've read all of jane austen's novels).
4. make pesto with my own homegrown basil.
5. knit ten projects from my stash.
6. finish the superhero photo treasure hunts.
7. clean out the guest room.
8. finish the poppies needlepoint canvas (that I started months ago).
9. sort through the books on my bookshelves and donate the ones I no longer need.
10. organize all the pre-2003 photos.

things to set me on a good course for the next fifty years.
1. take a photo a day.
2. have a physical.
3. and a mammogram.
4. and an eye exam.
5. schedule a colonoscopy.
6. start a strength training routine.
7. keep walking 15 miles a week.
8. and 12 new (to me) healthy recipes.
9. get a manicure (and keep it up).
10. participate in one little word for 2012.

things to do because they're good.
1. celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.
2. and my dad's 75th birthday.
3. and sara's 21's birthday.
4. (with karen) raise another $2,500 for the atlanta 2-day walk (and walk for the 6th time).
5. knit 12 hats for charity.
6. revitalize the church's prayer shawl group.
7. practice 50 random acts of kindness.
8. investigate volunteering at a senior center with holly.

or because I'll learn something.
1. teach katie to knit.
2. bake bread with sara.
3. make a photobook.
4. knit fair isle with two hands.
5. read power of a praying woman.
6. read mere christianity.
7. figure out "what's twitter?"
8. identify 12 trees at the park.
9. learn three new needlepoint stitches.
10. master oatmeal cookies.
11. take a monthly self portrait photo.
11. take a class.
13. try yoga.

or because they're fun.
1. re-read all seven harry potter books.
2. bake 12 new (to me) quick breads.
3. host a card-making party.
4. complete four more needlepoint projects.
5. celebrate my 1,000th blog post.

or just because I want to.
1. get four regular students in my saturday afternoon lace class.
2. take a trip to visit a friend.

then 49. document my progress and 50. plan a celebration for next year's birthday!

thank you in advance to everyone who will play a part in helping me accomplish all of this, including everyone who cheers from the sidelines!!

here's to a wonderful year!



Blogger knittergran said...

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, 17 November, 2011  
Blogger Lydia said...

this is a great list-and know you'll mark several of them off over the next year. look forward to seeing how they are documented.

Thursday, 17 November, 2011  
Blogger Honoré said...

Happy, Happy! A super list! I can tell you've been thinking about this a while. A challenge and I'm so sure you'll get there! And now I understand: the nth year. Know that I aim to meet you on the other side.

Thursday, 17 November, 2011  
Blogger Carole Knits said...

I think your trip to visit a friend should be to come see ME. Great list and I look forward to watching you go through it.

Thursday, 17 November, 2011  
Blogger Pippij said...

Happy Birthday! What a great list.
Inspiring to everyone.

Thursday, 17 November, 2011  
Blogger Sara said...

Love this list - can't wait to see you accomplish everything you want. Looking forward to baking bread, talking Harry Potter, and seeing your photo a day (does that start today or Jan 1?)!

Happy birthday! xxoo

Thursday, 17 November, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy birthday! I've been waiting to see this list!

Looking forward to seeing the pre-2003 photos, your photo-a-day, and the self-portraits!

Looking forward to participating in Sara's 21st birthday, random acts of kindness, knitting, photobooks, twitter, harry potter, and yoga.


Thursday, 17 November, 2011  
Blogger lisaddibona said...

Happy, Happy Birthday.

It's funny you should mention Mansfield Park. A copy of Murder at Mansfield Park by Lynn Shepperd just crossed my desk. I may have to send it along.


Thursday, 17 November, 2011  
Blogger martha said...

You really are amazing! What a great list. I know you'll accomplish your goals and many more that didn't make the list! Happy Birthday

Thursday, 17 November, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday! GREAT list! and can i please have some of the baked bread and receive a walking tutorial on tree identification??

Thursday, 17 November, 2011  
Blogger Patty said...

Sorry to be a day late but Happy Birthday! What a wonderful list and plan for the future! Looking forward to watching and joining in on the journey!

Friday, 18 November, 2011  
Blogger Kym said...

Happy birthday to you, Mary -- and what a PERFECT way to celebrate your 50th year. It will be fun to watch your progress through the year. Again. . . you inspire! :-)

Friday, 18 November, 2011  

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