Friday, December 23, 2011

an early christmas gift.

...from katie & sara. a matinee performance of the nutcracker followed by cocktails and dinner at ecco.

when the girls were young, the nutcracker was always part of our holiday, but we hadn't been in years. I think it's time to bring back the tradition!

the fox was decked out for the holidays and so were we.
before the nutcracker
the performance was wonderful ... and after the curtain call, one of the dancers proposed to the snow queen! awwww.....
36:365 the nutcracker.
ecco is just a few blocks from the fox and the bar opens at 4pm. perfect timing.

dinner was delicious (salad and pizza, risotto and ricotta cheesecake) and the conversation was so much fun. weddings. jobs.  making the most out of study abroad. families. holiday traditions. favorite songs.
dinner at ecco
thank you girls - I loved every minute!


  1. You all look so happy to be together.

  2. What an elegant and fun 'girls evening out.' Your smiles tell it all.

  3. the fox is such a great venue for the nutcracker. hope to go next year. good girl-time.


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