Friday, January 20, 2012

happy mail.

(...and/or I obviously have a thing about red birds :-)
65:365 happy mail.

all this recently arrived in the mail from my dear friend honore. looking back on my blog, I think my last happy mail post was about mail from honore...back in early 2010. when we'd both just retired and were discovering how much we had in common beyond ali's passion for one little word. the quick and dirty version - we "met" in the comments on ali's post about her 2010 word and realized we were both retiring that january.

we've been in regular contact since then, sharing comments on each others' blogs, emails, birthday cards - we're both celebrating milestone birthdays this november - but mostly, encouragement. to find our passions, pursue them with energetic enthusiasm...and celebrate our successes.

I love that she combined her passion for sewing and art with one of my favorite photos of this winter season. she included two tag books -  both honore originals - filled with tags to encourage my art journaling, with covers she made from my winter 2011 banner photo.

of course she also recognized my passion for knitting.

and red birds!

(thank you dear friend... "real mail" coming soon!)


  1. Seeing the photo of the happy mail adds a little 'shine' to my day,too! Today we have snow- perfect for spotting a cardinal or two. Wonder if I will.

  2. The friendships we make through our online connections are such blessings!

  3. How cool! What a wonderful friendship!

  4. What a fun package to open!

  5. a very nice change from the "junk" mail thats to us WAY too often


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