Friday, March 5, 2010

more happy mail.

...arrived in my mailbox this week. a bucket bag handmade by my lovely friend honore. we "met" back in early january, when we both left comments on ali's blog about retiring this year. her last day was january 28. we've since exchanged emails, commented frequently on each other's blogs - and generally shared the enjoyment of seeing how our lives are changing.

early on in our corresepondence, we'd talked about favorite colors. she used fabrics in my favorite blacks and browns and orange(!!)

and the size - as honore intended, I know - is perfect to hold a knitting project.

thank you, honore - I absolutely love it!!


  1. truly my pleasure. your knitting looks so "at home" in the bag - i love the idea of a "traveling woman." Can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. gorgeous bag! knitting always needs a good home.

  3. Love the bag! Its gorgeous!
    Ohh, and I really like your (new? I haven't been around in a while ... I've been slack ...) blog header!


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