Tuesday, March 2, 2010

101 miles.

...it's been a little over a month since I retired. one of those things where it seems like forever, and like just yesterday all at once. so much about my new life has been different from what I imagined. and slowly but surely, I'm getting the hang of it.

my big surprise last week was how much walking I've done. I made it the park 24 out of the 28 days in february (I will not walk in the rain - at least not on purpose - and it's probably just as amazing that there were that many non-rainy days. looking back, it seems like it rained - or snowed! - a lot last month), racking up 101 miles. I started keeping a daily log of my walking/running back in 2008 when I set a goal to cover 600 miles. so I know that 101 surpasses my last record month (september 2008, which included that year's 2-day walk, at just over 80) by more than 20 miles. and my 2008/2009 monthly average was more like 66 or 67. so, wow, a big difference!

I've enjoyed a few walks with my neighbor vanessa, but otherwise, they've all been solo (sara won't join me again til the temperature gets above 50 degrees), accompanied by my ipod - now I really understand how I've managed to stay caught up with all my podcasts and even make good progress on the backlogs for the new ones I've discovered - and occasionally my camera.

yesterday was one of those camera days. I saw the first signs of spring - coming late this year. but - hopefully - soon!

...she types as the rain outside turns to snow....


  1. that's pretty awesome-keep it up.

  2. gorgeous photos :)
    (my conscious attempt to show my appreciate for your posts by commenting)

  3. 101 miles - Excellent! Love the photos and the story. Retirement does put a different slant on life's activities, doesn't it?


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