Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 good things about coming home from a vacation.

...she's back! and I can only imagine that today's topic means she might need a little convincing about being home again. I know the feeling, having come home twice this month from short little trips away. the first few days back are alway too hectic...but no matter what, I'm always glad to be home.
152:365 we love you because.
see #1 below - marc's welcome home from my most recent trip

1. 99% of my trips are without marc so coming home means seeing him.

2. sleeping in my own bed.

3. drinking good coffee from my coffee pot. sure, other places have good coffee and sometimes it's even great coffee. but even so, it's never as convenient or reliable as the stuff I brew day in and day out. (I also like getting that little splash of non-fat milk from the carton that sits just so in the right hand door of my refrigerator.)

4. deciding what to wear from my whole wardrobe and not just the small subset of outfits I thought to pack a few days ago.

5. my shower, hair dryer, curling iron, makeup light and mirror(s!!). getting dressed is always better at home!

6. seeing the park. this is especially true in the months where the seasons are changing.

7. not needing google maps all the time to get from where I am to where I'm going. (and if I've been someplace where english isn't the language, it's nice being able to understand without having to translate).

8. seeing my friends.

9. catching up with what I've missed at the shop. thankfully, it's not always like this!

10. remembering how much fun it was to be away ... looking through the photos (once I get them off my camera(s), and processed, and uploaded to flickr) and seeing those vacation smiles.


  1. How about having packed summer clothes, expecting a summer climate only to find out when you've arrived that an unusually cold front has moved in bringing 50 degree weather?

  2. Such a great list, Mary! (It's amazing how comforting is to have access to your WHOLE closet and a make-up mirror, isn't it?)

  3. i second all points-i miss coffee and wine on my time when traveling. am curious to see how sophie does when i go to CA in a couple weeks for 4 days.

  4. Aw - I feel like you could make a really cool photo series of all of those "I/WE LOVE YOU BECAUSE" signs! Hope you're saving those somewhere!

  5. Oh, I can't believe I didn't think of coffee! Must be because I haven't had enough today...

    Great list! ;)

  6. Sleeping in my own bed for sure! Also, my version of #3 is oatmeal. No shame :)

  7. Seeing what is new at the shop....such a cute one on your list

  8. yes to sleeping in my own bed and returning to my own shower!!

  9. Always sleeping in my own bed is #1 on my list...I guess we're all like little babies:most secure in our beds. And a close second, if not tied with #1: being greeted by loved ones .



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