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Monday, April 30, 2012

another monday.

...if you read last week (thank you!) you're probably expecting this. a post about another monday. for me the mondays are drawn in black and white - those where I spend half the day cleaning. and those where I don't. today was that latter kind of monday. yep, a "fun monday".

marc is away right now and I thought maybe I'd sleep later (I set an alarm for 5am), but I was downstairs turning on the coffee at 4:45. waking habits are hard to break! as are coffee habits. I told myself last night I'd be fine to have reheated coffee today...yeah, no. and tomorrow's coffee is already ready to go. leftover coffee is. not worth it.

funny. the dark early hours seemed longer without my usual wakeup call to marc at 5:30 and sending him off at 6:00. I finished up my bible study prep, paid bills, handled a few things I'd been dreading (like requesting a final distribution from my old 401k plan and cleaning out my top right desk drawer). I still had time to add a few rounds to jordan before I walked holly, ran two laps in the park, did a load of towels, a "light cleaning"*, a cup of yogurt, a shower, and out the door.

we're nearing the end of our 34 week bible study. 1 & 2 peter. definitely not the most exciting books, but we managed some interesting conversation. I'm really going to miss this ... and hoping I can find another monday morning study for next year.

one errand and then home to walk holly. lunch with a book, and carrots, cucumber and cottage cheese.
monday lunch
click the photos to go to flickr...more details (maybe)
now up to chapter VII of the sun also rises and I'm getting confused. the paris wife. the sun also rises. midnight in paris. they're all running together. I remind myself I'm reading this book because I've already read the paris wife. and maybe I should just watch midnight in paris again.

spend the afternoon catching up - on one little word. photos**. mad men (and knitting).
166:365 april OLW.
one little word
by 4:15 I'm ready to leave. we head to the park for a short walk (with my camera).
at the park

and we're to the shop by 5 (with coffee!). time to enjoy a good 30-minute chat with diane and kathy before my students arrive. FO photos (woot!), top-down sweater construction, babies, 50 shades of grey, pimento cheese, baby blankets, more books, more knitting... and it's 8pm. time to close. and it's the same.

...except that now it's after 11pm. and I still need to have some dinner!

*I promise I'm not a crazy cleaning person! today I used windex on the surfaces that need it, like the windows on the french door where holly can look out (and the glass table marc uses); and I swept the floors and vacuumed the rugs downstairs.

**here are the photos of my april OLW

and project life week 6

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Blogger Carole Knits said...

It's a full day, that's for sure! Sounds like a good mix of obligations and fun, though.

Tuesday, 01 May, 2012  
Blogger Lydia said...

it's nice when busy can include some fun things. just got to see midnight in paris (which I LOVED), have the paris wife on stand by-your confusion has me curious. my whoo-hoo for monday was realizing i have enough leftovers that i don't have to cook again until FRIDAY!!!!

Tuesday, 01 May, 2012  

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