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Thursday, January 31, 2013

project life 2013 | weeks 3 & 4.

...I actually finished these pages on Tuesday afternoon and planned to blog about them yesterday, but got so excited about my one little word, I decided to wait til today. happy to report that the printer issues that slowed up week 3 got resolved for week 4 and I'm actually considering printing everything myself for week 5. we'll see!

up first - week 3, which ran from January 13 - 19.
I think you can click this photo to see it bigger...
Marc left for Asia dark-early on the 14th and I found plenty to amuse myself while he was gone. special favorite (tie) - I used my free week pass at the Y and I bought new running shoes. 
yes I am that woman who cuts up the shoe box and wildly collects business scrapbook

Runner-up special favorite - my sister and sister-in-law brought food and wine and knitting to my house and we had a ball for SEVEN hours on Saturday (lower right). I never blogged about any of that.

Yep, I realized as I was putting these pages together that some of the stories I used to tell here on my blog are now getting "saved" for the album. another case in point:
oh yeah, I LOVE capturing screenshots from my iPhone! ...and I LOVE that we've made a date to snark on the Oscars red carpet - all three of us - together at my house!
...and that if I were to stop saving them, I could probably get back to much more regular blogging. which would, I think, be good. (side note - my instagram feed has also replaced some of my blogging...I'm now posting there at least daily and I don't intend to replicate that here...if you're on instagram, let's follow each other!)

For week 3, I followed all my rules and added a Downton Abbey feature. Finding the photo was fun (finding the photo at a high enough resolution to print...not so much). I plan to continue this through the 3rd season (sniff, sigh, only three more weeks!!) I also managed to include one more of the core kit cards (upper right). Note to self - need to PLAN to include these cards.

and now week 4, which ran January 20 - 26. Marc got back just as I left for a quick trip to Florida to visit my mom and dad.

I "broke" one of my rules and bought a digital kit from Paislee Press (day planner). I layered one of  those patterned papers in the Week in Review card.

And while I did blog about the reading (or lack thereof) featured upper middle-right, the rest is all new stuff. see what I mean? there is plenty to blog about and I just need to do it. 

Love that Marc emails photos while he's away; I included a photo of the high-speed train station in Shanghai (middle, middle-left) this week...along with a cutout from another cardboard box:

And my visit with my mom and dad. LOVE this photo from Friday's lunch (journaled on the restaurant's feedback card - you can tell Project Lifer's - we're the ones who pick up ALL this stuff!) ... and the wine label from the wine my dad and I enjoyed with our steaks that night.

Feels like this project is really coming together this year...and I'm hoping to figure out a routine to get the pages done and posted here in a timely fashion. soon. (because yikes y'all. it's FEBRUARY already!!!)



Blogger Sara said...

We are SO much alike in that if I had a PL album it would just be filled with Twitter snapshots (like that one time I had a conversation with the New Yorker TV critic, ah...) and my twisty thoughts about TV shows I watch. Sometimes you just need a medium (preferably longer than 140 characters!) to let it all out, am I right?!

Oh yeah, the albums looks great, too! :)

Thursday, 31 January, 2013  
Blogger Carole Knits said...

Wonderful new pages and memories for your albums.

Friday, 01 February, 2013  

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