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Monday, August 4, 2014

Looking Back | July.

...a quick look back at the month of July through the lens of my daily photos (again with fatmumslim's daily prompts).
::yay for colors!
::for getting out and about ... a little more. Seven of the photos are from Madison (or en route), there's a dinner out with friends (Saturday the 5th), wine with my sister (Wednesday the 23rd) and a run (Monday the 7th). There are still 11 photos from inside my house (food & wine, Holly and knitting) and another eight from the neighborhood (yay for walking Holly!)
::and selfies - my hands, feet and even the back of my head (which was a challenging shot, but a must for the prompt "curly" on Saturday the 19th) show up seven times.

Taking a closer look:
::Knitting ("only" 5 photos) - the Through the Loops Mystery Shawl is the only FO; in progress (still...) are Ravello, a laceweight Panoramic Stole, a pair of socks (featuring Carole's picot edge) and Insouciant.
::From Where I Stand (3 photos) - I enjoy these; they do show seasons (flip flops and shorts), but not much about place this month.
::Holly (4 photos) - and a continuing focus; I have a special Instagram hashtag #HollyadayforSara to be sure Sara gets an occasional view of her favorite dog.
::Food & Drink (7 photos) - mostly drink! love that there's coffee, wine and water along with some gorgeous grape tomatoes and a bit of dark chocolate.
::Sky (4 photos) - all clouds. I looked down more than I looked up last month.
::Porch Views (1 photo) - it's been hot, but we did have a nice break last week and it was lovely to sit outside.

I'm playing along again this month and getting more comfortable interpreting the prompts to fit something I'd like to remember for the day. I'm also looking forward to incorporating some of the Phone Photography workshop learnings (assuming I actually make it to the classroom! Regardless, I know the photos will tell a story and it's up to me to make it a great one!

Happy Monday everyone!



Blogger margene said...

You have lots of red in our photos this month and I love the wide array of subjects and plaices you've gathered. I surely take a photo a day but haven't been organized about a hashtag or even keep track by day. I'm trying to be better for August. Seeing your photos is like having a conversation with you.

Monday, 04 August, 2014  
Blogger Carole said...

I always enjoy looking back at your month. I tend to use the prompts more in the winter, I guess, when I don't have flowers to photograph and lots of stuff going on. I think they are a great way to challenge yourself, though, and you are doing terrific with this.

Monday, 04 August, 2014  
Blogger Patty said...

Looks like a fun month and a busy month! I'm going to try to keep up my commit to do FMS for the entire month of August. I do enjoy the challenge. Happy Monday to you Mary!

Monday, 04 August, 2014  
Blogger Lydia said...

Another month that has zooooomed by way too fast! You'll enjoy looking back on this July down the road-nice to have some non-everyday photos like the ones from Madison. Happy Monday.

Monday, 04 August, 2014  
Blogger Kym said...

Nice way to capture a month! (Summer is so colorful, isn't it?) (Someday I'm going to have to try those prompts myself!)

Monday, 04 August, 2014  
Blogger Bonny said...

Your July looks lovely, with plenty of knitting, good food, nature, and fitness. I hope August is even better for you!

Monday, 04 August, 2014  
Blogger Honoré said...

I always enjoy your interpretations of #fms prompts - they are quite clever. Thanks as always for sharing bits of your life with us and congrats on getting more comfy. Always love seeing Holly, too!

Tuesday, 05 August, 2014  

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