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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday | Hearts (just for fun).'s Valentine's Day this Saturday. And in that spirit, Carole's asked us to share about love. I've had fun thinking about this list all day - things that make me smile and warm my heart...hearts (just for fun).

♥ Tuesdays with Charlie. He'll be five months old this Friday and I love that I get to see him at least once a week. On Tuesdays, I have him all to myself (although I think Holly is just about to insert herself and demand her own Charlie time). I love that I get all the photo ops. And if I'm lucky, I get a really wonderful one. (this one happened before noon... so I could relax for the rest of the day).
♥ my iPhone. phone (probably the least used function :-), camera, texts, podcasts, books, weather, fitbit,  mail, Instagram ... all in one little device.
♥ Instagram. yeah, it deserves its own heart. If this had been around before blogs, I'm not sure I'd even be writing this.
♥ knitters. I am so blessed to know quite a few in real and friends....and on-line. 
♥ Ravelry. no explanation needed here either, right?
♥ quiet time.
♥ walks in the park with Lauren. exercise and girlfriend time combined.
♥ a new (knitting) project. hopefully I'll have more than one to share tomorrow.
♥ signs of spring. when I walked Holly this afternoon I saw pink buds. yep, February 10th. 
♥ this Ten on Tuesday community - supportive, encouraging, inspiring...and fun!

click here to join in!

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Blogger Kym said...

Oh, that little Charlie! I'm so happy you post photos of him here -- because I love to get my Charlie-baby fix. He is just a sweetheart!

Tuesday, 10 February, 2015  
Blogger Carole said...

Charlie is so adorable! Signs of spring? What's that??

Wednesday, 11 February, 2015  
Blogger Bonny said...

You've captured Charlie and all his delightful cuteness! I hope your knitting project(s) tomorrow are what I think they might be; you're going to need some extra warmth in Madison!

Wednesday, 11 February, 2015  
Blogger Lydia said...

<3 <3 for this week's Charlie photo-love the list-so much I can relate to-photographed the daffodils and what might be a tulip sprouting up the other day. Could spring really be here early?! Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 11 February, 2015  
Blogger Honoré said...

We're all so glad when 'It's Tuesday!' too so we get to see that happy bébé Charlie!
Signs of spring- not around here: we're gearing up for another arctic deep freeze this weekend! I'd love to see a daffodil!

Wednesday, 11 February, 2015  
Blogger Patty said...

Hello Charlie! He's just precious! My sister in law says 5 months is the age for baby commercials because they are just perfect! )(Even though they are really always perfect!) Looking forward to seeing your new project and hoo-ray for your trip which is so close!

Wednesday, 11 February, 2015  
Blogger margene said...

Baby smiles are so sweet and dear! Love seeing Charlie on your blog. Hope you've knit up a bunch of stuff to keep you warm in bitter cold WI.

Wednesday, 11 February, 2015  
Blogger alexa said...

Just looking at that smile, brings a smile to my own face :). Our snow is receding and I've just spotted some bulb shoots today - hurrah!

Wednesday, 11 February, 2015  
Blogger Vicki Knitorious said...

That photo is ADORABLE!!! I'll have Junah on Saturday & overnight this weekend and I'm looking forward to working a photo shoot into the schedule! He's 13 months old tomorrow -- already!

Wednesday, 11 February, 2015  

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