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Monday, June 29, 2015

Currents | June 2015.

from yesterday's morning walk
Loving: Cooler mornings. It was in the low 60's yesterday. Holly and I enjoyed a long walk, our first since early May.

Hoping: I can stick with my daily step and yoga routines. I've managed both 10,000 steps and at least 15 minutes of yoga every day this month. It's starting to feel like a habit.

Reading: Carson McCullers' The Heart is a Lonely Hunter on CD (which means only in my car - it's going slow) and Penelope Lively's Consequences as a real book. Both borrowed from the library and neither for a reading challenge!

Watching: Still not much. But Marc and I have seen a few episodes of Grantchester (DVR'd months ago) and we're both enjoying it.

Knitting: A little bit. yay! I'm managing to keep up with the Through the Loops Mystery Shawl (loving the lace and the Ivory Shibui Staccato I'm using). and feeling a bit of startitis coming on. I cast on a new shawl Saturday and have plans to start a sweater and socks on my trip.

Planning: All the knits! I'm still not able to knit more than a few stitches at a time, and I'm only using "big-ish" needles and mostly wool yarn, but there's a lot I can do within those parameters.

Working on: New routines to make the most of the Get to Work Book. The planner officially begins July 1, but there's a weekly spread that starts today. I haven't written the first thing on that spread...but I will. soon!

Wearing: Linen t-shirts and shorts.

Splurging: On a new Atenti bag, just in time for my trip and all the knitting I'm planning!

Drinking: Water. (yes, really!)

Eating: (still) Berries with greek yogurt and walnuts.

Wondering: If tomorrow might be the day I see Charlie take his first steps. He's close!

Remembering: To be present. to treasure the doing as much (if not more than) the getting done.

Anticipating: Six days in Madison with Sara (I leave Wednesday afternoon).

How about you - what's current in your world?



Blogger Lydia said...

Enjoying the balcony, finally an outdoor ride, and spending 30 minutes cleaning the apartment. Safe travels.

Monday, 29 June, 2015  
Anonymous Patty said...

I'm enjoying knitting Color Affection. It's exactly what I needed. Enjoy your visit with Sara. We can compare notes upon your return!

Monday, 29 June, 2015  
Blogger Kym said...

So glad you're able to knit again! Please listen to your body . . . and take it slowly (for the long haul!). Enjoy your trip to Madison! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time visiting Sara -- and enjoying a lovely Mid-Western summer.

Monday, 29 June, 2015  
Blogger Carole said...

I'm knitting and reading, planning a week off next week with Dale, drinking water (and wine!), and glad that today is Dale's last day of work now that school is finally out for the summer.

Monday, 29 June, 2015  
Blogger margene said...

I think I'd like you're life. :) Look at Charlie go! How can he be ready to walk already?
Your new bag is so elegant.
Enjoy our trip! I hope the weather is perfect for you.

Monday, 29 June, 2015  
Blogger Debbie said...

I enjoy early morning walks with my dog too, as long as we aren't having a thunderstorm! Hope you have a nice visit with your daughter!

Tuesday, 30 June, 2015  
Blogger Bonny said...

Some knitting and six days with Sara sound like wonderful things to be doing and anticipating, along with Charlie's first steps. How can that be happening already? Please be careful about linking to lovely knitting bags in the future; I really can't justify one now (but would love to)! ;-)

Tuesday, 30 June, 2015  
Blogger Vicki Knitorious said...

Oh, wow, those Atenti bags are beautiful! Walking!! (Junah's already running... once they go, they GO GO GO!!) Have a wonderful time in Madison!

Tuesday, 30 June, 2015  
Blogger Honoré said...

Love the bag! Nothing beats a 'bag lady!" Kudos to you for your 10K steps - I need a Holly to help me reach my goal…but, I'm trying to take it in incremental steps. I've made just about the same amount of progress as you with the GTWB - today's main agenda item, for sure!
Do so enjoy your trip to Madison; the weather should be lovely.

You will let us know if Charlie takes steps today, right?! Go Charlie Go!

Tuesday, 30 June, 2015  

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