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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Bingo | Wrapping Up.

...what a great summer of reading! I promised a few of you a wrap-up on my own Book Bingo(s) and wanted to share next steps for choosing one lucky participant (because we're all winners in this game!) for the grand prize.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, I read a whopping 40 books for a Bingo square. I wrapped up the first card back on August 11 when I finished all 849 pages of 11/23/63. I read 15 books for my second card...but no Bingos. I could've pushed and read Bone Black (with a red cover - middle left) for two ... but I spent the weekend out and about, not reading.
my second card
I made separate shelves on Goodreads for each card. Here are the covers for the ones I finished, sorted by rating. I wrote short reviews on Goodreads for each book; you can check out the links below if you're interested.

For my first card, I gave five stars to all six books on that top row. Highly recommend every single one...and recommend all the others as well. There wasn't a bad one in the bunch.
Card #1 - link to Goodreads
The second card was a bit...more interesting. I gave five stars to the first three, four to the next nine and ... I'm not sure I'd recommend those last three. Y'all know what I thought about Go Set a Watchman. Those other two were just not my thing. I'm glad I read them, but I'm not sure you need to!
Card #2 - link to Goodreads
And now, apparently, reading and I are on a break. Since I finished Mink River - one of my favorites of the year, and certainly the summer - on Monday morning, I haven't even started another book. It has only been three days, but still, it seems really weird. Kind of like when I realized Monday evening that I hadn't knitted all day. not even one little stitch. (that has since been remedied - I've made good progress on two projects this week).

I'm hosting bookclub tonight - Big Little Lies, which I read so many books ago I can't even remember the characters' names (yikes! I've got some re-reading to do today!) and next month's selection is All the Light We Cannot See. I've already put the audio on my phone, and I fully expect to start listening tomorrow. But for my eyes, I'm not sure. I do want to read the other eight books from my second card (note that I admitted defeat with the Play square...not gonna happen!) and I own most of them already, so that's easy. We'll see. I'm sure the break won't last for long.

Kym, Bonny and Carole have already posted about covering their cards - that's 12 Bingos apiece!!!  If you played along, please share your final card on your blog (and be sure I see your post) or on Instagram (you can tag me @mere2007 to be sure I see it). Remember, each Bingo gets you one entry in the grand prize drawing. I'm planning to draw on Monday, September 21 and share the results back here then.

Many thanks to every one of you for sharing your encouragement, recommendations and enthusiasm for reading. Personally, this has been my best reading summer in a long time. maybe ever. And much of that is because of you!

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Blogger alexa said...

That's an amazing total, and many congratulations! I will be back with pen and paper to make a note of your recommendations. Hoping you enjoy letting your eyes rest on something woolly for a change :).

Thursday, 10 September, 2015  
Blogger Carole said...

That's a LOT of books, Mary! No wonder you are ready for a little reading break. I loved All The Light We Cannot See and I hope you will as well. And as for Mink River, you know what I thought of that - so amazing and beautifully written. Dale is reading it now and he's enjoying the print version just as much as we enjoyed the audio. So, the drawing is on my 50th birthday, eh? You know that means I simply must win!

Thursday, 10 September, 2015  
Blogger Bonny said...

Forty books and two cards is an incredible amount of reading! Thanks so much for doing this. This is my second year for Book Bingo, and while I initially chafe at the constraints of the squares, I've come to value the guidance to get me out of my reading comfort zone a bit. I can't quite decide whether Mink River is for me, but given that you, Carole, Kym,and Margene all loved it, I may try it while I impatiently wait for Fates and Furies next week.

Thursday, 10 September, 2015  
Blogger Lydia said...

My card is all over the place, and I had a hard time actually finding the books I wanted to read. I guess my rule of "not buying any" didn't help much and a now shorter commute! I did buy one book which started out really strong then kinda fizzled. Maybe next year I'll be more successful.

Thursday, 10 September, 2015  
Blogger margene said...

Mink River is top of my list for 2015, too. I loved many of the books you've ready, including Carson McCuller's, as difficult as it was. Someday I hope to have the luxury of time to read more and knit more, but for now I have the joy of being on the sidelines and watching all of you read incredible books. Who know Bingo would be a fun spectator sport?

Thursday, 10 September, 2015  
Blogger Debbie said...

You certainly did a lot of reading! I'd have to say that Mink River is the best book I've read all year. I hope you enjoy All the Light We Cannot See, I thought it was wonderful.

Thursday, 10 September, 2015  
Blogger Jersey Shore Deb said...

Never got to Book Bingo...I hope to try next year. But as we share the same taste in books, I was glad to see all of your recommendations. Mink River is now on my To Read list!

Thursday, 10 September, 2015  
Blogger Linda said...

Mink River just went on my list! I liked what I read in the sample on Amazon... I'm re-reading Big Little Lies right now. I liked it a lot the first time around - and am hoping it stands the test for a second read!

Linda in VA

Thursday, 10 September, 2015  
Blogger Sara said...

Cool! I've actually read Bone Black (did I recommend that to you? or give it to you? I can't remember tbh) and it was really good. That was the summer I took a Literature class and it was all Southern literature written by women... that might be interesting. Like a "themed" card... a bit more challenging maybe ;)

Thursday, 10 September, 2015  
Blogger Kym said...

Thanks for introducing us all to Book Bingo, Mary! It was fun to read along with all y'all this summer. :-)

Friday, 11 September, 2015  
Anonymous Patty said...

Woo Hoo! No bingo for me but still a great fun summer of reading. Congratulations Mary - THAT is impressive!

Friday, 11 September, 2015  
Blogger Honoré said...

Great selections and total awe at your accomplishments! Lots of super recommendations on these two charts! Did you keep a card for Charlie's summer reading?!

Friday, 18 September, 2015  
Blogger Unknown said...

I had ten bingos. I posted to you on Instagram! I'm sad that I missed one stupid book :( Next year I'll get the card covered! Adding Mink River to my queue right now!

Friday, 18 September, 2015  

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