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Monday, May 16, 2016


How can it possibly be Monday (again) already? We had great weather - a little on the chilly side for us in May which is a treat - and I think all that blue sky and sunshine made the time fly even faster.
I knitted with friends at Starbucks Friday afternoon. Haven't done that in a while; hopefully we can start making it a regular Friday activity because it is the perfect way to kick off the weekend. As is a beer with Holly's early evening walk.

Marc and I cooked pizza for dinner - bet you can guess which part of the pizza is his! - and watched The Man from U.N.C.L.E. I loved it... plenty of eye candy and a plot that wasn't too hard for even me to follow.

Saturday morning Holly and I met up with Katie and Charlie for a walk in the park. That's another thing we haven't done in a while and hope to make a regular weekend habit of it this summer. Saturday afternoon I had an appointment at the Bobbi Brown counter and got a full makeover. Great fun! (I'd love to make that a regular habit, too, but sadly, that's not in our budget :-)

We had a little cookout in the neighborhood Saturday evening. I bribed Marc with seven layer salad, sorbet and hotdogs... I think he enjoyed himself. Yesterday morning I ran down to the lake - what a pretty way to start the day!

And in the afternoon I paid a quick visit to Steve and Lydia to check out their new digs. Love that it took me less than 30 minutes to get there - and only about 10 miles on the highway! Marc had fun at the putting green with Charlie.

In between all that, I updated Goodreads - and was astonished to see I've read 45 books so far this year. I still have 13 to finish for the Read Harder Challenge and plan to cover a Bingo card for 25 more. plus a few for bookclub. Looks like this is not going to be the year I read less! (more on that another day - now I need to get back to Where'd You Go Bernadette...and my knitting!)

Wishing y'all a good week!

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Blogger Bonny said...

Sounds like you fit lots of good things into your weekend, and you know what I admire most? Your forethought to take so many good photos of all of them! I have this (possibly mistaken) idea that posts would practically write themselves if I took more and better photos.
P.S. I loved Bernadette!

Monday, 16 May, 2016  
Blogger Lydia said...

SO glad you were part of our weekend too-nice to take a break from unpacking/sorting!

Monday, 16 May, 2016  
Blogger Bridget said...

Sounds and looks like a lovely weekend. I love when it all works out like that.

Monday, 16 May, 2016  
Blogger Vicki Knitorious said...

Beautiful! And what a great weekend! Is that yarrow? I am "reading" the longest-ever audiobook! Well, maybe there are longer ones, but I'm pretty much an audio newbie, so 19h 43m is... the longest-ever for me. Good thing I'm enjoying it, but I sure have been listening for a long time. ;)

Monday, 16 May, 2016  
Blogger Carole Julius said...

Great weekend recap. I especially love that photo of the lake- excellent composition!

Monday, 16 May, 2016  
Blogger margene said...

I, too, loved Bernadette! Your weekend looks fabulous and you do, too! How fun to get a makeover!

Monday, 16 May, 2016  
Blogger margene said...

P.S. I adore your lake photo.

Monday, 16 May, 2016  
Blogger Debbie said...

Sound like you had a great weekend-your picture of the lake is beautiful! I really enjoyed "Where'd You Go Bernadette".

Monday, 16 May, 2016  
Blogger Honoré said...

Wonderful weekend with all the right ingredients, especially the pizza ( I luv pizza ) and the run to the lake . Enjoyed your "makeover;" you look lovely.

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Blogger Penny said...

Your weekend sounds like it was full of good things. What is your trick to getting a good makeover - you look so natural and pretty. I always look ready for Broadway. : ) And that picture of the lake is beautiful! I think I could spend a lot of time there.

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Anonymous Patty said...

What a great weekend! I think I should find a Bobby Brown counter! ;-)

Wednesday, 18 May, 2016  

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