Thursday, February 22, 2007

spring fever.

for once the weatherman was right! today was beautiful - 70 degrees, sunny blue skies... (thank you for the beautiful tulips - maybe someone will see this post and take a hint? tulips are my favorite!)

Sara had tennis practice so I got to spend another hour at starbucks and finally caught up reading the december issue of vogue - the irony of reading the holiday issue on the first spring-like day wasn't lost on me! - and I found a few new delights in the index-gift guide: d. porthault hankies (#9 -- there's one with the eiffel tower! collection idea for someone who's planning to visit lots of new places?) {of course I couldn't find an online source, but I did find this very wonderful blog posting from someone in Atlanta who shares my delight and this reference that makes me very jealous of Katie's upcoming trip to Paris!}, hugo guinness drawings (#27)...and this launched a series of web wanderings where I found john derian and elliott puckette but I couldn't actually find the book.

Here are two of hugo's prints - I totally need to find that book!

{and to seal the deal, he's designed tote bags for kate spade love love love!}

Tonight is the LAST episode of the O.C. --end of an era....

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  1. I would like to contribute three plus songs to the "playlist" section of this blog.

    1. Bad Dream - Keane (this song must be on here)
    2. Paint The Silence - South (duh!)
    3. The final song that will play on The O.C. tonight. I have a feeling it may be Patrick Park, but I am not entirely sure. More to come in my retrospective guest blog post this weekend. It's gonna be amazing.


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