Sunday, May 13, 2007

so blessed.

to have two beautiful daughters who are also beautiful people. ...and we seem to enjoy each other!
Their gifts today were two of the best - maybe ever - that I've received from them, which is saying a lot, since they keep raising the bar. Mothers Day is one for homemade, from the heart, in our house. The kinds of gifts that usually make me cry a little, and always remind me how blessed I am.

From Sara - an O.C. retrospective - the best of - on 4 cd's plus a For Mom mix. and a humorous, but sometimes sad, music guide that runs over 7 pages:

I've already loaded the iTunes playlists to my iPod, looking forward to much listening time over the next 5 days!

and from Katie, a mini-book, which almost seems like too little of a description for such a "grand" thought:

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