Sunday, December 30, 2007

with the fam.

...our I don't know, maybe 15th? annual, sheffield family holiday gathering. We rotate houses - it was at karen's this year. Each family brings snacks and cookies (all of us love to cook/bake and we coordinate what we're making to be sure there aren't duplicates). So there's lots of eating and talking and laughing. And a gift exchange. We draw names at the annual Georgia Tech/GA football game gathering. Everyone draws one name and purchases one gift. So the focus is as much on the giving as the receiving, maybe more - it's fun to have just one "perfect gift" to find. That's one of my favorite parts about our tradition.

And of course there are pictures. (more photos here)


A very good time - many thanks karen, for playing host(ess).

And later, not even sure how I happened to be outside at just the right moment to capture our pretty sunset. note to self - need to start paying more attention!

And in closing, photo of my favorite new photo in the beautiful frame (thank you jean!)

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  1. Love the photos as always, thanks for the link- it's wet out there- yea


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