Wednesday, April 2, 2008

me (today).

...I finished my 3rd journal yesterday. At the end of the first one (last June), I listed things about me - what was going on my life, what I was thinking, planning, even wearing. And when the second one ended (last October), I did the same thing. So I guess now it's a tradition. The collage of flower images from the latest Pottery Barn catalog is something new. I didn't do anything on the pocket of my last journal - missed opportunity?!

So now I have the last 15 months of my life (somewhat) documented. And I love that.


  1. what a neat thing to look back on-a great way to revive what may have been a dying art?!

  2. i LOVE the collage...i LOVE the tradition...and i looooove the idea that you've recorded all of this for yourself--and someday your daughters! go, you!!! :)


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