Saturday, May 3, 2008


...a good trip. starting with a great flight into hobby airport.

dinner with our client team at the swinging door - barbeque! totally yummy brisket, green beans and blackberry cobbler. oh my none of us thought we'd be able to eat again for days!

josh brought his navigator along - not only so we could find places like the swinging door, but also starbucks. my team knows me well. I am a much happier camper when I have my morning coffee.

the meeting went well and we celebrated getting our very first signed enthusiastic client certificate (this is a hewitt program - and it's a huge big deal for us when we get one signed for the first time) with lunch at pappadeaux.

seems I have a knack for lunch time pictures with suzanne - I saw her last at a lunch in new york back in december.

and now it's saturday morning and I have big plans for theresa's first anniversary sale at cast on cottage and lunch with karen. happy weekend!

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  1. congrats to you on the first of many successful deals!!!

    (...but really...what i wanna say is...MMMMMMMMM...bbq!!!) (especially *brisket*!) :)


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