Tuesday, May 12, 2009


dinner at les fables de la fountaine
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...and greetings from paris. we've mailed a few postcards home, but know there's no way the mail has delivered them yet. we are having a wonderful time - the sights (especially the art - musee d'orsay, orangerie with the water lilies and the pont alexandre with the beautiful gold), the food (oh my wow, seriously) and of course the company. truly a trip to remember!

also, for some unknown reason, the internet here is now a bit faster and I've been able to get all our photos uploaded (300+ so far!)

love to all, m.


  1. bon jour ya'll- have enjoyed the photos, look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Bon jour Francie and friends. Looks like you continue to have a fabulous time. Hope you've been keeping a journal Francie, so you don't forget a thing. Have you had a crepe from a street vendor? Enjoy your last few days. See you Saturday night.



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