Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 ways to lighten your mood.

ahh, I'm thinking - this one is easy - I've had a bit of experience these past few weeks attempting to lighten my mood! so let's see:

1. think about all the blessings in your life.

2. reach out to a friend to talk.

3. or better yet, to knit.

4. take a walk.

5. listen to a playlist that reminds you of a happier time.

6. pamper yourself - a manicure & pedicure, or even a long soak in a bubble bath.

7. surf ravelry and create your dream queue - the projects you'd knit if only [fill in the blank].

8. visit a yarn store (or a bookstore). just to browse.

9. buy yourself flowers, and finally

10. eat dark chocolate with a glass of good red wine (note that going overboard on this one will definitely backfire!)

yes, these are all things I have done myself these past few weeks, except for #9 - and maybe I do need to do that one soon! the photo I've included with this post is one I took a few summers ago - a bouquet I bought to lighten my mood after I dropped off sara at camp.

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  1. Great list! How could I have forgotten chocolate on mine? I did have ice cream though. :)

  2. repeat #9 & #10 five times.

  3. Himm. I could definitely go for a little of number 10.

  4. funny... my list would be very similar except for all the parts about yarn would be replaced with cooking/cooking blogs, etc.

    love youuuuu

  5. This is a great list and I second everyone's votes and comments, especially Sara's...loved it and it made me smile from ear-to-ear. I'm sure that must've had you walking on air. Aren't kids just the best?!

  6. love this list! i like the sounds of doing #7 while doing #10 hehe


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