Tuesday, December 21, 2010

is it tuesday already?

...oh my, time flies when you're having fun! following sunday's relaxed pace, we hit buckhead for lunch and shopping yesterday. I was perfectly happy to knit and hold holly while katie and sara drove*. anis didn't disappoint - seriously, they are great with dogs! - and the food was delicious. after lunch, we went to phipps plaza and actually found all the gifts we were shopping for (plus two more - santa is going to be so pleased with me!)

*to accommodate everyone's evening plans, we had a very complicated car arrangement which involved two cars and ended up with my coat (and my keys) parked at phipps instead of with me. so glad my neighbor donna has a spare key - I'm embarrassed how often I end up using it!


  1. so nice that this year you didn't have WORK worries as well. lovely photo of the 4 of you!

  2. Okay, so the next time I'm eating a warmed up chicken pot pie I will not be looking at your lunch photos! :) That food looks so good!

  3. what fun! and how unfortunate about the coat and keys, but glad it turned out well!


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