Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a favorite tradition.

...holiday lunch at maggiano's.

I started taking my management team to lunch there in 2000 (of course my documentation skills were not the best way back when I started...and apparently pretty spotty since then, too - I found only one photo from those ten lunches, from 2007). we'd get family style, have some wine, talk about stuff besides work and generally just have a fun, loud time. as my assignments changed, so did my management team. some years were definitely more fun than others! and lisa & janel were always two of my favorites (I can say that now, right?, since I don't work there anymore!)

so glad I haven't lost the tradition forever. lisa, janel & I met for lunch yesterday. we weren't a big enough party for family style, but we had a great time and the food was delicious. celebrate together indeed.


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun and it also sounds extremely yummy!

  2. yum yum yum! glad you had fun! love that cowl :)

  3. can't go wrong with maggiano's. glad you are able to keep up with the tradition.

  4. sounds so fun and wonderful! and awesome that you have kept the tradition :o)


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