Thursday, December 2, 2010

today is december.

...doh, right?! but I think it's just the right tagline for the opening page in my fourth december journal.
photo from the starbucks window
participating in the project has become a tradition in its own right. and I am thrilled that katie and lydia are going to play this year, too.

happy december!


  1. Very creative to see that window and think of your journal!

    I think I know when and where you took that photo. And if I watched more Sherlock Holmes I could probably even pinpoint the time. :) Then again - I could be way off!

  2. this'll be a lot of fun. need pointers on uploading photos, mine seems so itty-bitty!

  3. Mere, I love this! I have wanted to do something like this with the girls. We used to make scrapbooks and Christmas cards together. Is this all online or do you have a physical copy at home?

  4. how could you resist?! this was a perfect opening for your journal...too cool!


  5. Hello, Starbucks, my old friend! I love their windows. Nice choice!!


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