Sunday, December 4, 2011

sunday in the park.

...we walked two laps. holly chased and barked at squirrels while I noticed the grays and browns in the landscape (it took my mind off my very cold fingers).

and then she posed for a photo.
18:365 sunday in the park.

the perfect way to commemorate our one-year anniversary!


  1. Oh, what an adorable photo. Has it really been a year?! Here's to you both and beaucoup more years.

  2. Wow, a year. She gets cuter every day, if that's even possible.

  3. She looks very Christmas-y in her red coat!

  4. So dang adorable! The red coat is just perfect for her. :-) I grew up with a miniature Schnauzer (her name was Heidi) -- but she was of the salt-and-pepper variety. They're such cute little dogs . . . with their little beards. Happy Holly Anniversary to you.

  5. postcard perfect, and love the coat. sophie has a date with 2 labs at the park tonight-blog fodder-yea!

  6. Already a year? My, how she's grown. And her style is just FABULOUS!!


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