Saturday, June 2, 2012

pressing the pause button.

...I just read liz's post today where she talks about needing the pause button.

and I think about the lovely hour plus holly and I spent on the deck early last evening. the humidity was gone. the air was cool. there was a breeze. I had a book. and holly...had the whole world to see.
198:365 looking out.
this is our version of kym's jennie being nosy

it was a pause button time for sure.


  1. perfect weather, wasn't it? lovely to be outdoors.

  2. i had one of these too on saturday except sophie was taking a nap.

  3. There are so many times I want that Pause button! Yesterday was one, mainly because of the beautiful weather.

  4. LOVE it! She looks like quite the guard! (And your herb pot looks terrific.)


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