Saturday, April 6, 2013


...first, thank you everyone who read - and especially everyone who commented on - my last post. your kind words and encouragement are certainly part of why I'm here and that positive reinforcement helps a lot. and now it's a Saturday afternoon and I'm writing a blog as not to leave anyone hanging on the outcome of...

the mending. I did whip that edge - about 2" long - with a very sharp needle and a doubled strand of thread (I didn't even have an exact match but decided the "blend" was good).

Like I responded to Kristen, I dreamed about it Thursday night and had a clear picture in mind of what I needed to do. It was actually very easy to secure the thread into the silk and then just wrap it around, back through a strand of silk, and around... until I'd covered the length of the cast-on edge. I took the photo for documentation. and of course (!!) I told the story yesterday (more than once!). but now, I think it's over.

the finished piece is lovely.

the colors blend beautifully (pardon me if I do say so myself!)

and it's very wearable.
yesterday's outfit - khaki minnie pants and brown flats from j crew, t-shirt and jacket from CABi
there are more details on my ravelry page, but I think I used about 1,000 yards (quite a bit less than the 1,200 yards the pattern called for)...and of course on size 3 needles, it seemed like 2,000. seriously, those last few inches were 400/500+ stitches per row. I timed myself. 20 minutes per row. whoa. the bind-off was especially epic (I used that stretchy *K2tog TBL, move the stitch back to the left needle* that Stephen West suggests and I know that took at least an hour). of course, now that it's done. I forget all that. but it may be a while before I start another epic knit!


  1. Nice save! And those colors are beautiful and so beach-y. Enjoy wearing it!

  2. it really is lovely, and one of my favorite color combinations. well done.

  3. The colors are beautiful and it looks lovely for Spring. Nice job mending the broken edge!

  4. Perfect! As it is said: "where there's a will..." And you wear it so gracefully.


  5. Excellent! The subtlety of the colors creates a sense of elegance and the silk fabric drapes beautifully. You'll love wearing this when the summer breezes are cool. Do you have cool summer breezes in Atlanta?

  6. That is so swanky! It looks great on you!

  7. What a beautiful combination Mary! So glad the mend was a success. And glad to see you back, it's always a wonderful place to visit!

  8. It is perfect, Mary! So worth the worry and the fix and the takes-forever cast-off. You'll love it forever.


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