Monday, September 1, 2014

Looking Back | August.

...a quick look back at the month of August through the lens of my daily photos (again with fatmumslim's daily prompts).

::another yay for colors!
::good food and drink - eight photos, including salads, fruits and vegetables, a dessert shared with friends, coffee, wine (and no popcorn!)
::and Holly - she was the center of attention five times.

Taking a closer look:
::Knitting (6 photos) - five progress shots of Cepa, Ravello and Insouciant and one FO (Shallows from Friday, the 29th.)
::From Where I Stand (2 photos) - one from home and one from the park (extra credit for getting Katie in that last one, too)
::Sky (only 2 photos) - both clouds. I looked around more than I looked up (or down) last month.
::Porch Views (1 photo) - another hot month, and I am so looking forward to being out this month (well, maybe next week? highs are forecasted in the 90's until then).
::Books (4 photos) - yay for Book Bingo!
::Selfies (2 photos) - and both of my head.

Also note the first hint of fall and shorter days. The photo from two Mondays ago was taken on my way home from class; just before 8:30 pm and it's dark. Sunrise is now after 7am. It will be interesting to see how the season change shows up this month.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. There's a definite change in the light this time of year. Boo! Great look back at your month of August, Mary.

  2. Lots of great color and Holly pictures, too! I enjoy your look back at the month. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Another month that seems to have swooshed by! I keep telling myself I need to copy this post, I should just do it already!

  4. OK, I give - where is the second selfie of you?
    September always means cooler nights and shorter light but the temps this week belie that! Hope this 'heat wave' is short lived!
    As always, enjoy seeing the collage and your take on the #fms prompts.

  5. August did go by in a rush, but then, to me it feels like this whole year is just flying by! Love the look-back pics.


  6. You have some lovely food and knitting photos here :). What a nice way to record the month ...


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