Monday, January 5, 2015

One Thing for 2015 | Beginning.

...remember a few weeks back I posted about that One Thing? A huge Thank You for your encouragement and creative input!
Day One.
I've decided it's going to be yoga. Yep, that hadn't even made the short list when I wrote that last post; it seemed too much of a stretch. But a few more things came together over that next week (including a very surprising one little word) and daily yoga suddenly didn't seem so hard. My goal is just 15 minutes a day, with poses focused on flexibility, balance and strength. Days I get to take a class are easy; it's the days where it's me and my mat and the Yoga Studio app on my iPad that are making this a stretch.

That cute little Moleskine was Friday's idea. I wanted a place to record details about my practice - and my progress. Not that I've seen any progress, but I do have five entries in the journal and that makes me happy. (it also makes me happy that I got the very first issue of the limited edition of 290!)

So far, I've taken three classes and practiced on my own twice. I'm already thinking about how I can get to more classes; I took one on Saturday and one today that I never considered making "regular" until now!

and I have to say, I feel good about it all. despite being a little sore.

I finally watched the January video for Ali's One Little Word class yesterday and see she's suggesting One Thing. I know a lot of you are choosing words. Are you taking Ali's class? do have a One Little Thing? I'd love to hear about your plans!


  1. This is a good thing-I'm hoping to do more stretching and planking this year. Other than that I'm keeping it pretty simple-no project life or OLW, but that also might change!

  2. I'm not doing something new for One Little Thing but I am continuing (I think for my 4th year!) Project 365 - a photo a day!

  3. Good for you! I love yoga as well ... I do a little on my own but I really love a good class ...

  4. Those sound three great attributes for life, let alone for one's body! Isn't it funny how inspiration arrives with us? Yoga was a big part of my life before the children, and it's on my intentions list this year, but starting in February - I have other things i need to embed in my life first to support it. Wishing you lots of joy in it :).

  5. Your idea of doing 15 minutes a day is a great one. You're doing something you enjoy for the dual benefit of your body and mind. Enjoy!

  6. Yoga is a PERFECT One Little Thing to do every day!


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