Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ten on Tuesday | To Do.

...this week Carole's asked us to share our to-do lists. I'm thinking mine is a lot "less hectic" than many. Mostly because I'm not giving any knitted gifts this year (well, at least not wrapped under the tree)! Here's a peek at what I'll be up to for the next 48 hours or so:

1. Clean the kitchen.

2. Finish the laundry.

3. Pay bills and file paperwork.

4. Pickup giftcards for our girls' lunch out on Friday.

5. Wrap Charlie's gifts.

6. Total Wine.

7. Make Mexican Soup for tomorrow's lunch.

8. Settle on menus for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas brunch.

9. Whole Foods for whatever else we need (...or don't - I can't wait to show Sara my new favorite store).

10. KNIT! that photo above is the back of Ondawa, bound off last night. It's my "winter" gift to Katie. I never planned to have it finished for Christmas, but I know she'd like to wear it...soon! I've got a front (just like the back), two sleeves and a few seams to go. I need some good TV (the last two episodes of Homeland lasted for 2+ inches of twisted rib yesterday), good podcasts (I'm missing Serial already!) and a good book or two to keep me company.

Totally do-able, right? especially since #10 is completely open ended.

Hoping your lists aren't overwhelming either; it's more fun that way!




  1. Good list! Mine is long but I'll enjoy (most) of it.

  2. Totally do-able! The goal is to find joy in all things, as 'tis the season! Happy Christmas to you and yours, Mary!!

  3. Completely do-able! All I've got left is cooking -- and I like that part!!! (No knit gifts from me this year either. I'm making hats -- but they're for whenever . . . not for Christmas.) That knitting is lovely!

  4. I'm hoping for more of #10-especially with the weather. Now that the wrapping is done I really don't have an excuse to continue to ignore the state of my bathroom.

  5. I'm sure your list made the TaDaDone! List, too...even #10...or close to it!


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