Friday, September 11, 2015

Next Up.

...I still haven't figured out what to read next. But my knitting plans are firming up.

I fell hard for the latest Shibui collection (the look book is stunning) and have started one project
Inscribe - raveled here

and queue'd two more. Yay for stash! I think I have yarn that will work for both.

I'm excited about adding some new sweaters - especially ones that are neutral and versatile - to my fall/winter wardrobe.

And proving yet again that writing a knitting newsletter can wreak havoc on my queue, I'm ready for the shop's Q4 KAL (well, once I wind some yarn!)
raveled here
What are you excited about knitting this fall?


  1. Beautiful! I've yet to step into the Shibui world but you are correct...that look book is beautiful! Happy Friday Mary!

  2. You've queued up some fantastic projects. I looked carefully at your shop KAL, but in the end, decided I'd never get it finished because...I'm going to start a sweater!

  3. I have an entire bag of projects ready to go - I brought them all on vacation and didn't start a single one. Your new project(s) is going to be awesome!

  4. I'm excited about Asterism - with you! I'll be ready to cast on in the next few days, if you'll have time with that impressive, epic (2,000 yds of fingering weight on size 4 needles?!) and beautiful queue!

  5. That's a lovely pattern - I am intrigued by the mix of stitches. Not to mention looking forward to seeing you model it!

  6. I am also so tempted by the new Shibui patterns! My friend Janice just cast on for Trace, and I really want to do Truss. Time to make some sweaters. I have been way too obsessed with shawls lately.

  7. Those new Shibui sweaters are ALL fabulous. (I tried to look away; so far several of them have landed in my "faves" -- although I don't plan to cast on for any right away.) I love the colors of your KAL project; just lovely. I'm knitting a sweater right now. (It'll take awhile. . . )

  8. No new knitting for me- way too many other projects in the works and on tap, not to mention a few WiPs already in the queue...oh, to be cloned...


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