Friday, November 27, 2015

The One with All the Books.

...I'm pretty sure that's how Sara is going to remember this Thanksgiving. I think we all lost count of how many books she read to Charlie.

or maybe it will be the one with the very best applesauce smile.
makes peeling all those apples completely worthwhile!

or the one where we took our walk before dinner and it was warm enough to leave our jackets behind.

or the one where we kind of remembered to take photos of each other,

but didn't remember to check that everyone's smiles were in place.
photo credit to Katie

or simply the one with all the photos. I usually end up with just a handful, but this year, I have dozens. Here are a few more of my favorites from the day.

photo credit to Marc

love his full plate... he tried everything!
What favorite memories did you capture yesterday?


  1. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving photos with us - looks like a beautiful family day!

  2. What a lovely, lovely day you captured! I'm quite envious of Charlie's cool tent to read in!

  3. I want a tent like that! My captured moment-a bottle of French wine to "share" with PJ

  4. Oh, how fun!! So many memories in the making. I was terrible at photos yesterday -- sliced leeks & football. That's it!!

  5. I am happy that you all (ya'll) were abe to enjoy the day, and Iove the look on Charlie's face when Sara is reading to him (2nd from top).

  6. Charlie has the best smile! Looks like he entertained everyone!

  7. Oh the Charlie photos! So glad you had a joyful day yesterday. The youngest members at our gathering (3-4-and 5) declared Doug the Boss of Everything! How can I live with that? :-)

  8. What a wonderful day! So glad you were all together and shared such joy. XO

  9. It looks like you all had a wonderful day! Charlie is just the sweetest...I love the expression on his face in the second picture. :) I miss having a little one to read to. And I have to agree - I want a tent just like his!


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