Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Watercolor Wednesday | Chasing Dreams.

view over the lake on this morning's drive to yoga
It was a gorgeous sunrise - the kind where I roll down my window, stop the car and say a quick thank you that there are no cars behind me or coming toward me. It was also a complete surprise because we were supposed to have rain all day.

When I got to the Y for my class, this is what I saw on the bulletin board:
Every morning you have two choices: 
continue to sleep with your dreams, 
or wake up and chase them!
Here's to chasing dreams!


  1. Aha! We got your gray and rain. Huge thanks for sharing this sunrise and poem. Beautiful.

  2. What a lovely quote! True words. XO

  3. Reality is always more exciting that the dream. Love the photo!


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