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Sunday, May 20, 2007


to myself (from my January 1, 2007 journal entry):

not to let myself get too busy, too bogged down with work and other "stuff". I need to take the time to be present for myself, my family and my friends...

I think I've done a really good job with the work part this year. Probably my best ever (ever!). But I've felt the other "stuff" creeping up and need to remind myself to stay vigilant.

Considered taking up knitting socks - of all things on size 01 needles! - after tracking the Yarn Harlot's traveling sock (see here and here). And it almost seemed like fate when my new favorite yarn store emailed me a 20% off coupon for some cool sock yarn. I even had yarn on yesterday's errand list. But I crossed it off. Whew! case you're wondering, the oh-so-cute felted bag is still half-knit from spring break. So it's not like I have any good excuse to buy more yarn at this point.

Considered sewing after seeing the wonderful fabrics here, and here. Again, fate? when I saw this posting with this link for advice on sewing machines (and I know this wouldn't be my first sewing machine - no, would be my third!). Kid you not - I spent 30 minutes this morning seriously perusing this and other linked in sites.

Because I do want to spend some energy on this. And I want to be focused on what I can accomplish in 1+1+1. Optimistically realistic (in my vocabulary, that is not an oxymoron). So I'm planning to spend some thoughtful time on the letter this week, hoping to write it next weekend, to open in late June, 2008.

Last night after finishing my DR blog posting, I ordered 67 prints from ritzpix. Have decided to keep a photo album to document all the things we're doing, and to scrapbook more based on what the photos or some of the scrapping sites (here, here, here and here) inspire- I picked out a half-dozen Mary & Sara (long armed!) shots to create some sort of "2 of us" page based on this one. Project for next weekend.

Also have plans for cooking with Sara. She showed me a few of the recipes she made in Foundations (fka "home ec") this past semester and her enthusiasm for pumpkin bread, brownies and enchiladas make me want to stock up on flour, sugar and muffin cups. Also saw this yummy recipe for applesauce muffins. This fate I'll follow....

Hectic week upcoming for the Rogovins:
Mary back at work after missing 7 days over the past 10.
Katie finals - finish Monday.
O.C. 4th season on DVD out on Tuesday.
Mary's Eat, Pray, Love bookclub on Wednesday.
Katie leaving for 10 weeks in Europe on Thursday.
Sara finals - finish Friday.

The 3-day weekend ahead shines like a beacon for Mary & Sara (Marc will golf, I'm sure):
Saturday - meeting the Sheffields for Mexican and a belated boy/Jean b-day celebration
Sunday - Phipps movie date (hamburgers, onion rings & cheesecake at the Tavern followed by chick-flick tbd)
Monday - ???? (maybe the most inspiring thought of all!)

Love to all!

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