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Monday, August 20, 2007

adpi and nancy drew.

...lately I've been trying to keep my posts to one topic - not that I'm trying to drive up my daily posting average, but I think a little bit of something "on topic" is probably easier to read... and maybe I can figure out a way to merge these two topics but for now:

I've joined the ADPi Mother's Club at Georgia Tech - mainly because I will grab on to any opportunity to see Katie, but also because I would like to meet other moms...strike up a new friendship, maybe - or just a way to feel more connected to Katie.

One of our first projects was to provide two dinners and a lunch for the girls (120 of them!) during "recruitment" (fka "rush"). I volunteered for dinner tonight - along with Teresa, Pat and Lauren and Carol - and had a ball, despite the wicked heat, serving wraps, pasta salad, fruit and drinks [in case you're wondering, my contribution ended up being paper goods and ice] to the most beautiful girls on Tech's campus. Yes, we served dinner outside their back door, in the parking lot and they still looked terrific (is Katie in this picture? I don't think so...)

pat and teresa

another fun note - for the first time in 3 years, I found a legal parking space...right outside the ADPi house. Fed in quarters to buy 1.75 hours of parking and there were 1.32 minutes left when I pulled out. Cool, no?

Then home and a serious need to catchup on my journaling (which saw a full week absence - no entries since last Monday morning). Ugh - so missed "the routine, the habit, the opportunity for reflection and for introspection". So I filled up three pages with words, a sketch of the hat I'm knitting for Sara and 4 colors. Feeling back to normal...a bit.

Which gets me to the nancy drew part. Karen gave me this book for Christmas 2004. And I have so enjoyed not only the words, but also the illustrations. Takes me right back to #39, The Clue of the Dancing Puppet, my first nancy drew read in the fall of 1971 (I think - I had started 4th grade and just discovered the school library). I remember nothing of the plot today - just that it was my first one and I proceeded to read all the others, somewhat obsessively I guess til I burned out in the 6th or 7th grade. I do remember that my mom read the entire book in about 45 minutes - either right before or right after dinner the night I brought the book home. And I remember thinking how cool it would be to read so fast so I could read more.

And this bit of wisdom (p. 100) seems perfect as a momento from the past weekend:
When shopping with your friends, take into consideration thier personal tastes when they comment on the outfit you are trying on. If your friend calls a dress "fussy", it may be because she always wears casual togs. Consider the source and if possible, shop with a friend whose style you admire.

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Blogger polly said...

Yes, I did miss your blogs last week. Is wonderful to have both you and Lydia do them so that we can somewhat keep up with the family doings. Y'all do include Karen and family so we also know what they're up to...most of the time. Glad your H&A reunion was such a success--my how time flies! Yes, I do still read quickly--read the first Mary K Andrew's book that you gave me in an afternoon. It was a hoot and look forward to reading the other three. Mother

Monday, 20 August, 2007  
Blogger Lydia said...

So there are benefits to having your kids go to a local college- Steve may have to re-consider his "go as far away as possible", I think I'd miss my "babies" too much. Am going to "try" to be more involved in the Kennesaw Futbol Club this season-not sure if that's a good thing or not-

Tuesday, 21 August, 2007  

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