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Friday, September 28, 2007

fullspeed ahead.

...into fall, and I know the holidays (with the birthday bonanza - all four of us Rogovins have birthdays within three months from late October to late January) are nearly upon us.

I need to make a separate post for knitting updates - lilith is finished, but I haven't been able to photo yet. And I cast on a gray bulky-weight (for the Grey's Anatomy premier last night) and have made good progress. Look for an update on Sunday (or Monday!).

In non-knitting news (yes, I still have non-knitting news!):

Tuesday - Much knitting and finished what I started of the Grey's season 3. Decided I have no interest in Private Practice - good thing since it conflicts with Sara's new show Gossip Girl.

Wednesday - I really did enjoy the Georgia Tech Math Department focus group. The Math Department is designing a new home page for their website (good thing, huh?!) and about 10 alumni were invited to share our thoughts about the two prototypes. I always leap at any opportunity to visit the campus ... but one that includes dinner with Katie is a real winner. I picked her up about 8:00 and we headed to Baraonda where we enjoyed a nice meal of appetizers and salads and some wonderful catching up on the new apartment. Of course we had our picture taken.
(more knitting stuff when I got home...late night)

Thursday - Dead tired after the late Wednesday night. But hosted an inspiring "so long, fiscal year 2007" pizza lunch for my team [Hewitt's fiscal year ends September 30 and my team has nailed nearly every objective for the year - yes, very cool!]. Everyone had to share an accomplishment for 2007, a personal goal for 2008 and a team business goal for 2008. It's an understatement to say my team impressed me. They bowled me over. And inspired me to be a better leader and a better manager. Can't ask for more than that from something I get paid to do! Then I had the best intentions of staying up for the entire Grey's season 4 premier episode (so I could fully participate in my new KAL - of course that's knitting, so no more details now), but realized at 9:40 that I'd snoozed through the last 10 minutes and gave up for bed. bummer.

Friday - Kick ASS day at work - finished everything that was urgent, got a good start on many things that were important, and really appreciated this view - a job I'm very glad I do not have:
(funny, don't remember taking this picture on such an angle! ...this is the reflected view from one side of my office while the window washers were washing the other side - I'm sure I completely freaked them out when I pulled out my camera!)

Then got home in time for a pedicure with Sara. And found this in the mail:
(yes, four orchestra level seats for the Johnny Mathis concert!)

Now looking forward to the 2-day walk with Karen - starting early tomorrow and finishing Sunday afternoon. 30 miles. Plenty of time for catching up. ♥



Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was a good picture of us. and of course i thought of you while reading the moon post. even thought about texting you about it, but didn't for some reason. see you sunday--maybe? xo

Friday, 28 September, 2007  
Blogger Lydia said...

Funny thing about "years", I've got to deal with Calendar year (CY) ends Dec 31, APD fiscal year ends June 30, Grant and program year (current calendar year), federal fiscal year (FY) which ends Sept 30. Budget year which is a year ahead- just submitted a budget for FY08 which we don't actually start spending until 2009! To top it off we have 5 years to use the money?! It's bad enough not being an agency or a business, but this!! Know you're enjoying the weather on the walk. Am working on the foot- yes!, but think these socks are going to Mom. Also, serious headway on the Jo Sharp. Could have the front finished next weekend, if my vacation plans pan out- look forward to more updates.

Saturday, 29 September, 2007  

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