Monday, March 24, 2008

lucky girl. took the better part of a week to convince me! yes, I am a lucky girl - to have met my future husband at age 16! I'd just moved into my dorm room and the girl who lived across the hall invited me to a party at her boyfriend's fraternity house. Marc and I met that night and hit it off. Sure there have been some rocky times (like I broke up with him twice in college). And I give no credit to "chance" that we'll celebrate our 25th anniversary this year - but that first meeting, surely that was good luck!


  1. First, thanks for your sweet comment, ok, I'll continue with my paperscraps:-)
    And this page, great, love the story behind it! 25 Years, wow, that sure is a long time these days... you've beat us.. almost 21!

  2. lucky indeed- truly a "wow" for you guys, i totally love the photo


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