Thursday, March 6, 2008


create 08, week 10 - talent

...this week's paper adventure prompt was about talent. my talent. and I tried hard to think of something cool. but couldn't. so decided to go with my first response - organization. very boring, but...very useful. I'm good at organization, at breaking complicated things down into manageable parts, and then getting those parts done.

So I took a picture of my to-do list and my calendar (side by side like I like them!) and added some journaling - same basic grey patterned paper theme as previous weeks. And since the photo was so plain I decided to do the journaling on the computer. And I decided I like having my writing on the back ... so probably no more computer journaling. At least I can make my writing fit with the punched holes!

hooray for to do lists! (especially when they have things checked off!)
talent (back)


  1. I love it!! Great photo with the red title across it!! And you're right about journaling and punching holes... know all about it!!
    By the way... organization is a great talent, actually... I like to be organized too!

  2. organization is a fantastic talent. love this.

  3. Love it, the journaling is great and the title across it looks wonderful!


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