Sunday, May 4, 2008

five senses.

...a lovely lunch with karen at pastis. perfect prompt for this week's paper adventure (inspired by marta)!

and the photo of the two of us. yes, my knit-round scarf is done. and garnered many compliments at cast on cottage (where we visited before lunch). five sweaters worth of yarn on sale, but that's material for a later post


  1. love the scarf, great to have a chance to wear a completed project before the weather gets too warm- 3sweater projects- can't wait to hear about them on Friday! happy weekend, had a major tragedy with the stole- a post to follow soon!

  2. Wow! Your scarf is gorgeous!!! Love how you're doing the paper adventures with a full size photo and journalig on the back... very effective :)

    p.s. Thanks for visiting my blogs :)

  3. the scarf IS, indeed, gorgeous and of course you look fabulous in it! (and a bargain yarn shopper, too?! what a woman!!!)

    but of course i LOVE your PA: SENSES page and as usual i am stunned by your gorgeous photo on the front...and then cool journaling on the back. wow!

  4. Great page and your luinch looks very yummie!!
    Your scarf is fabulous, wow!!

  5. LOVE the scarf, and pastis looks divine!

  6. Gorgeous scarf, love the PA page, that photo is stunning!


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