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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


...retiring. reported in our internal leadership newsletter last week:

After a long and impressive career in benefits outsourcing, Mary Rogovin will retire from Hewitt effective January 2010. Mary began her career in the early 1980s with Hazlehurst & Associates (a predecessor to Northern Trust Retirement Consulting), which Hewitt acquired in 2003. With a degree in Applied Mathematics from Georgia Tech, she aspired to be a pension actuary. But, in the fall of 1983, she took a temporary assignment on Hazlehurst's newly formed Defined Contribution recordkeeping team and never looked back. Since then, Mary worked in nearly every aspect of benefits outsourcing. For the past six years, she was a Benefits Delivery Manager in Hewitt's Atlanta office. Most recently, she served as the Defined Contribution Enterprise (DCE) leader. She made great strides in developing an effective implementation and ongoing delivery approach for DC plans in the middle market. Mary is looking forward to this next chapter in her life. She plans to teach knitting classes and looks forward to watching her daughter play in her last season of high school varsity tennis.

It has been especially fun to get so many "best wishes" and "congratulations" messages. many from folks I've never met in person, and only worked with a few times. and I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon, but for now, I'm also enjoying the "did you knit that?" whenever I wear a sweater (today I wore my josephine top, so I could honestly answer "yes" :-)


for sara.

271/365 - the pear tree
Originally uploaded by mere2007

...she's been asking me since labor day what I'm going to do about a new fall banner for the blog. and again last night. I so loved the banner from last fall - seeing that beautiful reminder of my trip to portland. this year, I've chosen the pears. a reminder of the many walks we took late last year. and hoping for more this fall and winter.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

the campus visit.

268/365 - tech tower...was a great success. sara is excited. really, the campus looks great - lots of green grass and trees (even a few flowers). plenty of students out and about. beautiful facilities (the campus recreation center, which was built to house swimming and diving for the 1996 olympics is oh my fabulous). it really doesn't look much like the campus of the early 1980's when marc and I were there (and that's probably a good thing!).

and then we enjoyed a late lunch at murphys.
flatbreadroasted fish over vegetable farrocarrot cake
(click to see details)

and the requisite two of us photo
lunch at murphys

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Friday, September 25, 2009

back to campus.

Originally uploaded by mere2007

...I updated the "upcoming" list on the sidebar. never ceases to amaze me how quickly the things I'm looking forward to (maybe I need to rename that section!) come and go.

and right now, I am very excited about visiting georgia tech with sara today. hoping to get an updated photo of the tower. it's been a year since I visited the campus. expecting to see lots of changes.

I also took a hint from marta and added a search widget to the sidebar. very cool.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

bookclub at patty's.

bookclub at patty's
Originally uploaded by mere2007 as always. my first meeting (in a while anyway - surely we've had huge crowds at some other point in our 10 year history?) leading the discussion with so many people. or maybe motherless brooklyn just sparked a lot of talking. it was a welcome break from the really tough topics we've covered these past few months. so we could talk about white castles, and tourette's and detective stories, and homecoming, and knitting, and work, and kids (especially the brand new ones!), and cars, and college visits, and the million other things that women talk about when we have the slightest opportunity to.

thursday is the new friday. least for the next three weeks when I will be enjoying three (or four!) day weekends.

and this seems a fine time to declare - I have very good intentions of blogging more regularly. I miss it. not that I have any plans to out-do may and june of 2007, when I recorded 32 and 31 posts respectively (you know that's more than one per day, right?) but I definitely want to do better than the pitiful eight in 24 days I've managed this september.

I miss the process - I enjoy coming home after a long day - and even waking up dark-early, sitting down at the computer and doing something creative - it's a huge stress reliever. but mostly, I think, I miss having the record of our lives - so many times I could say "I put it on the blog" or I'd refer back to the archives for photos, or the words about what we were doing right then. I've told myself that the 365 project is doing a lot of that. but it's simply not the same.

so I'll break away from work, and from knitting :-) and take a few minutes to write it all (or at least the parts that might matter) down.

first up - the formal communication plan about my january 2010 retirement is underway. not that it was ever a secret, but now we're sending out a professionally written announcement internally. I'll post the message here when it's out to everyone. it's feeling very close - I know it will fly by. and I'm going to try for "workday wednesday" photos for the last fifteen (assuming I've counted correctly) wednesdays that I work. trying for a mix of good, bad and ugly. this week was ugly:
266/365 - GA 400I will so NOT miss the commute up and down georgia 400....

next - a very slightly new haircut - I got bangs on tuesday. not a newsflash, really, but if I love 'em, it will be great to have a photo of how they looked ... and if I hate 'em, it will still be good to have the photo to show why (so far I'm loving them, but it's still early!)
267/365 - bangs

I am purposely NOT sharing any knitting photos. but there has been knitting. ester is just waiting for two quick seams. and I started a hat. there has also been a lot of time thinking about knitting and enjoying knitting podcasts. I found electric sheep on my trip last week and I can't recommend it highly enough. katie (aka "hoxton handmade") hosts. she lives in london (and has a delightful accent). she begins each episode with an essay - sometimes funny, sometimes educational, sometimes thought-provoking, always well-done. and adds bits about yarn, patterns, and especially about the internet and knitting. she just released episode 21. I've listened to 1,19,20 and 21 so far (catching up is making that nasty commute just a bit more bearable right now) and have completely enjoyed every one.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

and finally, the sun.

265/365 - blue skies
Originally uploaded by mere2007

...such a welcome sight! the pavement has dried and life is returning to normal. (sending best wishes to everyone who didn't fare so well).

Monday, September 21, 2009

a path for the ark.

264/365 - backyard pond
Originally uploaded by mere2007

...not quite yet, but we're getting close. I missed the first few days of the non-stop rain last week, but I think this marks day 6. 12+ inches. and we're past being ready for sunshine.

the weatherman promised some tomorrow. but at this point, I'm skeptical.

fortunately, I've had plenty of time for knitting, and working out, and getting ready for the grey's season 6 debut on thursday.

Monday, September 14, 2009

packing for a business trip.

257/365 - business trip
Originally uploaded by mere2007

...the clothes are honestly the easy part! (except that I wanted to plan two days for wearing handknits...that did take a bit of thought!)
this trip is a little harder since I'm going two places - tomorrow to our falls church office for a planning meeting. and then wednesday/thursday to indiana for a presentation to purdue university. two topics/three days. being prepared = lots of paper for lots of reading.

but oh my, 26+ years (omg!!) of practice have honed my skills for packing the personal stuff. a book + wallet always. and recently - knitting, reading glasses :-), journal, camera, cell phone, blackberry and the one quart ziploc bag (which is still on my bathroom counter - with a big post-it that will make sure I don't forget it).

business trip
Originally uploaded by mere2007


the story of sunday.

...I've been spending a LOT of time knitting lately. like in a way that makes me wonder how people with any other obligations on their time ever manage to knit period. so I feel fortunate that my knitting bug bit at precisely a point in my life where I have time.

so...two finished projects - both single skeins - and this definitely proves that not all single skeins are created equal! those last 20-some rows of ishbel took me most of the day (after my run in the park, costco and kroger and in between five loads of laundry).
pearl cowl256/365 - lunacy blocking
(click on the photos for more details)

but that still left plenty of time for dinner. marc was out of town (sidenote - his traveling is a good part of why I have so much free time!) and sara and I had been wanting to make the cornbread salad from smitten kitchen. kind of a southern take on our favorite panzanella. she made the cornbread - using stoneground cornmeal so it had a bit of crunch - oh my, good. and I prepped and assembled everything else. it came together beautifully and I would definitely recommend it.
cornbread saladcornbread saladcornbread saladcornbread salad
cornbread salad

and we did manage to finish nearly all of it - except for lots of leftover croutons!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

jumping on the single skein bandwagon.

...aka "SSS" or "single skein september", an annual contest hosted by my favorite knitting podcast, stash and burn. the idea is to knit as many projects as you can during the month of september. I wasn't really planning to participate - for the most part, I prefer sweaters and bigger projects. but I just realized I've got FIVE projects done or in the works. and maybe I should jump on the bandwagon!

first up, the second scarf for katie (technically a two-skein project, but I think that just makes me an overachiever).
lovely leaf lace scarflovely leaf lace scarf
and then, the bobby blue cowl. (recognize the dress?)
bobby blue cowl

and I've started this cowl, using the second skein of the yarn I bought for katie's first scarf. and have this beret queue'd up next (in a charcoal gray cascade that I had in my stash - colorway 7618). and of course, lunacy, now about 24 rows from being done.

I'm really pondering what to cast on next. the lace panel sweater is, of course, getting no bigger. but that's more of a home/tv project. and I have a good bit of travel/airport time in my near future. any ideas?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

knit and sip.

knit and sip...sara seemed to "get" what this was about without having to ask...but in case you're not sure - it's a gathering focused on knitting and on sipping (wine). at least that's how we do it. and we couldn't believe it had been over eight months since our first one. and of course we promised we'd do it more regularly!

I was working on lunacy and by the time I left, shocked to realize that I'd finished 20 of the first 25 repeats. and "only" another 20-ish rows to go. which means I should probably pack another project for my denver trip, just in case (it is a knitter's worst nightmare to be stuck without knitting!)

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

catching up.

245/365 - props for catching up
Originally uploaded by mere2007 sister came over yesterday evening and we enjoyed a completely lovely almost two hours on my deck. talking about everything. and when she left, we agreed we needed to do it again, very soon. and I intend to be sure we do.