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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

lunch out and a quick look back (days 29 and 30).

...I smiled when I re-read my "once a year" things from 2007 - "lunch out. a lot." this year is no exception. I think yesterday's was number seven in 12 days (see what I mean by a lot?!) marc gave us a giftcard for the buckhead life restaurants and sara researched the menus on-line to pick pricci. excellent choice! and as usual, I enjoyed the company and conversation as much as (maybe even more than) the food.

and for today, I followed shimelle's prompt and did a quick look back to 2009. much harder to do with photos than the words-only view from 2007. but I guess that's a good problem to have. looking back through the thousands of photos to select just 12 took a while. and I enjoyed every minute of it!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


...inspired by shimelle's prompt about holiday indulgences.

not much has changed since I first journaled about this in 2007. except that I am setting my alarm and not staying up too late. I really do love this morning time. and I think it makes marc feel better when he gets up at 5:30 to head to work that I'm up, and coffee's made...oh, and I have a much better camera! (and am knitting a LOT more)

yesterday afternoon when the undecorating was done, and another load of laundry was folded and put away, I sat down with a mug of tea (loving tazo's joy and bigelow's vanilla chai) and my knitting. and just knit. for over an hour. and it was wonderful.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

day 27.

...said goodbye to katie yesterday afternoon, not sure when I'll see her next. our wintery garden with its bare branches and fallen leaves was the best expression of how I was feeling. so it seemed like a perfect time to take one last photo of the tree. in winter.

and admit it cheered me immensely to have two whole hours this morning to play in photoshop, and look back over my 365 project , remembering all the very good times this year has given me.

now looking forward to a very chilly walk and then un-decorating. getting the house ready for the new year is a huge part of getting myself ready for it, too. and one chore that I really don't mind that much (maybe because I have the time to do it since I have this whole week off?!)

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

a new tradition (day 26).

...the timing of our traditional family christmas gathering was too late to include katie this year. so we planned a girls only lunch out instead. and it was a blast! we had family style at maggiano's. which means plenty of really yummy food. and lots of time to talk. and a pretty setting for the group photo.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

day 25., funny how different christmas day is without small children!

we enjoyed a late breakfast with bagels and lox and then opened stockings and presents and watched four christmases, julie & julia and mary poppins. love that marc visited the factory twice to wish the shift workers a merry christmas. and the look on sara's face when she opened her gift from me and marc. many special moments. and I did cry more than once...and laugh a lot.


Friday, December 25, 2009

'twas the night before christmas (day 24).

...just the four of us. dressed up for dinner. trivial pursuit (sara and I won!) and taboo (marc played for the first time and was surprsingly (?!) pretty good). sara made poached pears with gingerbread biscotti for dessert. merry christmas to all. and to all a good night.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

rockefeller plaza (day 23).

...katie took me to see her office (she works in the building behind the tree) and I was surprised how few people were out and about - maybe the early hour, maybe the very cold temperature or maybe just the effect of the holidays since it was crazy busy again in the afternoon when we had to get to the airport.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

bryant park (day 22).

...we started off in soho for the shopping and then back up to 42nd street to see the skaters at bryant park (and the last photos of the day!). katie had to be back at work, so sara and I went up to kitchen arts and letters. I think this really is sara's favorite store in nyc. she browsed for over an hour while I knitted.

and then, all too soon, our traditional last night in nyc dinner at becco. the food was good as always, but my favorite part was the company. silly stories (funny what they remember!). talk about college and looking forward to life. special times...

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

sweet treats and photo ops (day 21).

...katie worked and sara took me on a bakery tour of manhattan. she visited five from the upper east side to the upper west side, then down to chelsea and greenwich village. I took a lot of pictures and was glad we did a lot of walking to counter all the sugar.
I did insist on a break at morandi for a salad. and we met katie at otto for dinner.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

from nyc (days 18, 19 and 20).'s crazy cold and I didn't realize just how hard I'd really wished for snow (not that I get everything I wish for, but nine inches in the city is a lot!)

thanks to the beginnings of blizzard 2009, we got started a little late, but spent saturday and sunday making up for those few lost hours.

mindy terasawa's I believe paper and katie pertiet's classic curled frame, notebook edge and grungy ledger grids 2

saturday we walked down 5th avenue, saw the tree (and so many people) at rockefeller plaza and did a bit of shopping before a late, long lunch at gallo nero. then back to katie's for movies before the snow got too deep.

ali edwards december daily and 31 days circle number with mindy terasawa's christmas dreams papers

sunday we went to church, then down to locanda verde in tribeca for brunch and back uptown to central park to enjoy the snow. and I'm so happy I finally have two photos at alice in wonderland - it's one of my favorite sculptures in the park and really special that I have them with both girls.ali edwards' december daily 2 template and 31 days circle number and anna aspnes monoblendz winter white pp

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Friday, December 18, 2009

mostly about a new haircut (day 17).

...but also a good exercise, just over the half-way point of december, to take a few minutes to write down the happy stuff. and let the stress of too much knitting, what we're packing, how cold it will be (is my fur coat really not the right warm coat to take), finishing up the year at work and all those other things...just go.
katie pertiet's stacked photo cluster 2, stamped blocks 14 and krafty christmas tag, ali edwards' 31 days circle number and mindy terasawa's I believe paper

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holiday bookclub (day 16).

...I think I say this every time we meet, but I still can't believe we've been together ten years (next month we'll start year 11) and going strong! especially pleased this year to get one good group shot (thank you, sara!) and three good candids - because my selection of photo templates is still pretty limited and these fit great!
mindy terasawa's I believe and christmas dreams paper and elements, katie pertiet's stacked photos and ali edwards holiday title block and 31 day circle number

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

winter sunshine.

350/365 - soft winter light
Originally uploaded by mere2007

...I know we need to take it however it comes. and I was struck today by just how soft it really is. today was the day that promised sunshine. and after a weekend full of rain (and knitting) I was desperate for a long walk. I worked from home and started dark early, so I could take a walk in the afternoon - in the peak of winter sunshine.

and once I was out, I realized that the sun at 2:45 pm was barely strong enough to make a shadow. and that the bare tree branches might make an awesome black and white photo.

turns out I didn't need to adjust much to convert the photo to black and white. and I really love the lines that those bare branches paint across the pale sky.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

planning for nyc (day 15).

...for the first time making this journal, I was really missing paper (the real kind that you can cut and paste with scissors and glue). our nyc plans are finally coming together and I'd typed the list with colorful fonts and if this had been last year's album, I would've trimmed the edges, mounted on a pretty piece of basic grey paper, punched holes, maybe added a little bit of journaling about the fun time we had creating the list and the flurry of back and forth emails with the girls after I emailed them what I typed (correcting the spelling of locanda verde or confirming snack and cocktail supplies). but no, this year I'm doing digital.

and then I remembered the quick trip I made to nyc back in december 2007. I did see the tree at rockefeller plaza and lights on 5th avenue. and of course I took pictures (and blogged about it!).

somehow it seems especially fitting to create this page with those two year old pictures. ones I want to recreate this year. with people I love standing in them!

ali edwards' december daily 2 and 31 days circle number and mindy terasawa's I believe papers and hanging ornaments


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

good mail.

349/365 - je t'aime
Originally uploaded by mere2007

...goes a very long way toward brightening my spirits when I arrive home at 7:00 pm to a dark house. marc's in asia. sara's at work. and the house is just.very.empty. (and cold!)

day 14.

...had one of those nice, long, chatty and catching up phone calls with my mom on sunday (thank you, mother, for the call!). and she said she wanted to see pictures of our tree - from the front, so the top shows. I can do that, I said. great inspiration for day 14. and more camera lessons. I have dozens of "favorite" ornaments. but liked the scale of these photos more than a page full of tiny square pictures. I also have a lot of birds. but think those just might be another layout.
ali edwards' december daily 2 and 31 days circle number, katie pertiet's la cremerie and mindy terasawa's I believe solids patterned paper


Sunday, December 13, 2009

day 13.

...really a recap of day 12, but I already had a day 12, and I had time to pull together the layout on day 13. katie will be so glad - I finally unpacked the box with my new camera, charged the battery, put on the lens and took some pictures. and then later, I even had time to browse the multiple manuals and play with the settings. all I can say is "wow".

yes, I need lots of practice (I know even my two very patient daughters won't stand for too much of "um, would you please hold that pose for 5 minutes while I find the suggested settings in the manual and then adjust my settings to match") but even the bad shots aren't really all that bad. and the good ones are going to be awesome.
ali edwards' december daily template and 31 circle days number and katie pertiet's free paper from this morning's daily digitals' newsletter (which I recolored to match the shadows on the "love" card in the center bottom photo - have you figured out yet how much I am LOVING digital scrapbooking!!)


Saturday, December 12, 2009

dear santa (day 12).

...katie & sara are begging me for my christmas list. so I'm writing my letter to santa a few days before the JYC prompt I was planning to use - along with this wonderful photo from 1967 (thank you mother!).

dear santa,

our trip to nyc is the big gift for this year - and I'm wishing for lots of photos, (patient) lessons from katie on how to use my new camera, lights on 5th avenue and the tree at rockefeller center, sara's bakery binge, advent sunday music and maybe even snow! but on christmas morning, it would be lovely to see a new foundation brush, a candle (ummmm, smells wonderful!), a movie, a 2010 desk calendar, christmas ornaments (you know I love birds, and I'm thinking our tree will be really bare once katie and sara claim their ornaments!) or a box of tazo's joy tea.

and please, if there is anything I can do to help you get ready for that big night, just ask - I've got plenty of time!!

xxoo - m.


days 10 & 11.

...lots of time at home (knitting, knitting, knitting, watching a movie with marc and a little bit of work!) to enjoy our decorations.

thursday's layout was inspired - last year! - by ali edwards and these were some of the first designer digitals supplies I purchased way back in the summer. monday's search through old photos was to find a "before" photo of the treetop ornament, now featured on our mantel because the top of our tree is too thick to hold it.
katie pertiet's la cremerie fraise papers and stacked photo cluster, ali edwards holiday title block and holiday word and 31 days circle number (all designer digitals)

friday's page shows photos mostly taken from the point of view of our kitchen table. always a center of activity and when I work from home, my desk. love the view. (oh, and the wine was from much later in the day - promise!)
ali edwards' december daily template and 31 days circle number and mindy terasawa's I believe solids papers (all designer digitals)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

day 9.

...I have been so fortunate to have co-workers who are also friends. yesterday, janel & I made a spur of the moment decision to get out of the office for a late lunch. we did talk about work (just a little), but also about christmas music & decorations, holiday shopping (she's finished with hers and my list isn't even finished!) and cooking. janel is a wonderful cook and we shared ideas about cookbooks and pans and cooking for one (or two). she told me about adding a few cloves to chicken stock and making grilled pizza and I told her about my pumpkin risotto and sara's latest cookie creation. tis the season indeed.

mindy terasawa's I believe pp, katie pertiet's christmas cutups and ali edwards december daily and 31 days circle number (all designer digitals)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

day 8.

...seems like the weather is being especially uncooperative for december journaling this year. day 8 is the day to capture "signs of the season" and it's hard to take good photos when it rains. I snapped about a dozen throughout the day, pretty sure it would be a lost cause. you can imagine my surprise when I downloaded the photos this morning and had more than enough!
ali edwards' december daily vol 2 and 31 days circle number, katie pertiet's krafty christmas paper and mindy terasawa's I believe solids paper (all designer digitals)

p.s. the homecooked dinner was pumpkin risotto, very loosely based on a butternut squash risotto that rachel ray prepared on her 6pm show. it was really good - I took photos...planning another blog post soon to tell you about it!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

day 7.

...inspired by the cool frame in katie pertiet's photo cluster collection - the one that looks like it was torn out of binding. I was thinking I'd use a photo from one of my first christmases (like this one) - but turns out the one I've already scrapped is really my favorite. and then I tried to find a "then" photo of our tree topper ornament (and I did, and that photo may well make an appearance at some point, but it is ... not the most flattering of me!). and then I flipped through the album that katie made for me four christmases ago and found just the photo.

katie pertiet's stacked photo clusters and la cremerie fraise papers, ali edwards' holiday title and journal block and 31 days circle number and a little bit of anna aspnes stitches 2 (all designer digitals)

p.s. loving all the kind comments here, on flickr and in email about these pages. thank you!!


Monday, December 7, 2009

days 5 & 6. was a lovely weekend, busy with knitting (finished my 5th avenue scarf and wore it to cast on cottage's holiday open house yesterday. BIG smile when I think about the two women who admired it so much they bought yarn to make it!!... on the new projects, I'm at that point I'm questioning my judgement - did I really think I could get this knit in time for Christmas?!) and two long walks in the park, despite the cold. the digital layouts are coming together much faster now. and I'm feeling kind of like when I knit that first pair of socks back in the summer of 2007. gee, maybe I shouldn't have waited so long!

ali edwards' december daily vol 2 and 31 days circle number, mindy terasawa's I believe papers, cathy zielske's ho ho holiday words (all designer digitals)

mindy teresawa's I believe kit and solid papers, katie pertiet's stacked photo clusters 2, anna aspnes stitches 2 and ali edwards' 31 days circle number (all designer digitals)


Friday, December 4, 2009

day 4.

...shimelle's prompt for today is "the perfect christmas". and I'm pretty sure my thoughts about that haven't changed much since I first journaled about it. but I purposely didn't review the past two years' entries before I wrote this one. (but I glanced quickly just now when I added the links...and I was right! last year was even a similar "dreamy tree" theme...)

wishing for time with my family, good food, plenty of laughter. and love.

more designer digitals, all ali edwards. december daily templates vol 2, holiday words and 31 days circle number


Thursday, December 3, 2009

day 3.

...a bit of blue sky starting to peek out behind the japanese maple in our front yard. the red leaves seem very "merry & bright".
katie pertiet's la cremerie fraise paper and ali edwards' holiday word outline and 31 days circle number


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

day 2.

(feeling a bit better about slightly over two hours today) today's prompt is about the weather. at first I was disappointed - woke up to pouring rain and it lasted all day. no sun means not-so-great photos. but when I got to work, the twinkle lights on the trees below my windows seemed to really shine, almost dreamy. and I remembered this layout from ali's album. perfect inspiration.

mindy terasawa's I believe papers, katie pertiet's stacked photo clusters, ali edwards' holiday words, holiday title and journaling blocks and 31 days circle numbers


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

christmas journal year 3.

...started today. hope I can stick with it (but the close to three hours I spent on this one layout today might not bode well...)
all designer digitals - ali edwards' 10 things and holiday words, katie pertiet's krafty christmas papers