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Friday, January 29, 2010

the end and the beginning.

(promise - my next post will not have beginning or ending or first or last anywhere in the title - can't promise the content won't recall those words, but at least the title will be original!)
...the packing up was a lot faster than I thought it would be. even with wrapping every picture frame, every momento (like the crazy-heavy marble hourglass to commemorate my work on y2k), every book and every sliderule (my dad gifted me his collection when he retired...and I'd love to regift the collection now that I'm retired, but I'm not really sure there's anyone left working who even knows what a sliderule is?!) in paper. with tape. I was done before lunch.

I did enjoy my exit interview. but I'm thinking the hr associate who did it probably enjoyed it more. I'm sure the career retirees just don't happen along that often in her line of work. I was pleased to learn that I'm coded as "retired" in the system (whew, because that's so much classier than "terminated"). she was impressed that I knew about the snow in new york yesterday. of course, I told her, my daughter works at 30 rock and I watch the today show so I know what it's like for her. and I'm hoping I don't need to email her or call her even though she said I could.

and my last lunch. jeff, janel, lisa and I went to boneheads. sorry, no photos, but trust me, we laughed a lot (socialist practices are fine if it's family, right?!) and they've promised to let me know about the next time they go.

and then I said my goodbyes, loaded up the car (3 boxes, 3 pictures and a stuffed briefcase) and.    left.

one quick stop at roswell high to signoff on the landscaping for the tennis courts (I have a feeling my RHS racquet club treasurer job is going to take a lot more time this year and thank goodness I'll have the time - and - note to self - NO MORE treasurer jobs. really!!!) and then to cast-on cottage to see when I might be working. big surprise! yep, I start Monday at 10am. I'm not one for too much time off. I vaguely recall that one week after I graduated college before I started this 27 year thing. my mom was visiting and we planned my wedding. so yeah, not like a real vacation week. but that was the last time I wasn't employed. the last time I wasn't collecting a paycheck.

so this all seems very strange to me right now.

but the weekend is full (birthday celebrations, two appointments with students to pick out yarn, knitting group, groceries) and I've got photos from last night's party to work through...thinking a digital scrapbook maybe I can keep the strangeness at bay for a bit. and then maybe, I'll get absorbed into the new stuff, and the strangeness will pass before it really hits me. right, I'm sure that's how it will go. right?



Blogger Honoré said...

Right! What a great way to end/begin this juncture in your life, just flow easily from one to another.

Saturday, 30 January, 2010  
Blogger Lydia said...

the alpha and omega.

Saturday, 30 January, 2010  
Blogger Sara said...

superb writing. really.

Sunday, 31 January, 2010  
Blogger Twisted Knitter said...

Go with the flow now, Mary!

Congratulations on your retirement from one thing and your debut at another. You'll be awesome at the yarn shop!

Sunday, 07 February, 2010  

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