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Thursday, September 30, 2010

scenes from my life.

...this started out as three different blog posts (one of which would've been this morning but earthlink was uncharacterically unavailable), probably spread out over two or three days, but while I was editing the photos, I realized this was a much better "day in the life" story.

it still sneaks up on me that I've been "retired" for eight months. I'm working less hours at cast-on cottage which is allowing me more time. for other things.

like the 2-day walk. it's this weekend (btw - we are only $25 from our $2,500 goal as I type this and WOW! thank you!) and I've been volunteering at the office (and tomorrow downtown at the marriott) to help get things ready. buttons, nametags, personal fans, tshirts, phone calls, filing, .... I'm so grateful to be able to contribute!

and I'm hopefully going to be teaching more. now that the shop has moved and has more space, we can offer more classes. I've picked up another beginner class on wednesday mornings, starting next week. my monday night beginners have progressed into a mostly advanced beginner phase, and I find myself really looking forward to showing a new group how to cast on, knit and purl. and the sunday sweater class is evolving into "knit something seamless". I'm still going to be knitting my own sweaters using those techniques, but I'm no longer going to require my students to knit what I'm knitting. we'll see how that goes!

and now we'll get to the originally scheduled material. first about patience. and waiting. and knitting (of course). I knit a lot. and now I always have a project that lives in my purse to save me from waiting. lately that project has been a sock. they're really portable because they're small and most of the socks I knit aren't very complicated so they're quick and easy to pick up and put down. and lately I find myself looking for opportunities to wait knit on my socks. the bank. the AT&T store. the hair salon. and yesterday, the car wash.

I don't think it takes patience to knit. nope, I think it takes way more patience to NOT knit.

second about cooking. yes, really, cooking. I cannot believe we've been empty nesters for six weeks now. the time has flown. marc has traveled, I've traveled, the end of our summer was hot beyond belief and last night I finally cooked. for two. 
click the photo to see notes

nothing elaborate, just turkey meatloaf and creamed spinach (thank you sara for the recipe - and that I had laughing cow cheese!). but it was hot from the oven, tasted great and made leftovers.

and third, socks. finished socks. I've been knitting these monogamously (I wrote beth earlier this week that it was very hard to type that word and I wasn't even sure I was spelling it right) to clear my needles for the pink ribbon socks (sorry, all I could find is a ravelry link) that karen and I are taking on this weekend's walk. we have grand plans to knit these pink socks at lunch and dinner and to photograph them at b'rest stops and along the way. and whew, I finished this pair this morning. just in time!

...and that's it. probably not what I'd envisioned. and honestly (still) so much better.

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Blogger Sara said...

A few things: glad you liked the creamed spinach recipe and dinner sounds yummy. Your hair looks cute. Love the accent colors on the font for fall (yes, I notice things like that).

Thursday, 30 September, 2010  
Blogger Beth said...

Okay, so who took the photo at the car wash?! "Hey dude, do you mind taking a photo of me while I'm knitting?" :) Or did you use your timer?

The socks look great! From the photo I would never guess that we thought they looked small. Congratulations on finishing them!

Thursday, 30 September, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want to make the creamed spinach recipe, it looks delicious! i'm going to have to add that blog to my list.

and i REALLY want to know who took the car wash photo!!!! that is hilarious.

Friday, 01 October, 2010  
Blogger Lydia said...

love that your done with the socks-so pretty, and i say the same thing-i have no patience so i knit and i take it with me everywhere, except church. i'll be working on the miles of sockinette for coraline during the drive to hilton head.

Friday, 01 October, 2010  

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