Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 things to do before the end of summer.

...just in the past ten days, the humidity has died down (of course it is still georgia so this only means the air doesn't feel like a damp dishcloth and I don't think it's a complete waste to attempt to "straighten" my hair) and the overnight temperatures have dropped to the low 60's (I walked dark early today in a long sleeved t-shirt) - woo hoo! fall is definitely coming soon.  what a timely prompt! (thanks, carole!)
see numbers 2 & 3 below
1. start planning fall & winter knitting. I dove in head first with a very winter-y sweater, but really do need to spend time planning what I'm going to knit next.

2. harvest fresh basil, chives and marjoram from my little herb garden.

3. and use them to make bread salad.

4. eat a fresh tomato sandwich (even better with lettuce, avocados and bacon, like this one).

5. wear my white shorts and white capris. one.last.time.

6. turn in my plans for the next round of knitting classes. (and be completely shocked that it will be december 12 already when they're finished).

7. get a bright red pedicure. actually, when the humidity and temperatures dropped last week, I went for an early fall look, but it's still sandal weather here for another month (at least) and bright red is so happy!

8. drink the last few bottles of sauvignon blanc I bought just after memorial day. a wine expert once told me that with sauvignon blanc you DYA (drink youngest available) - so I don't want any bottles left for next year.

9. catch up on all the TV I missed last year so I'm ready for the new seasons. especially looking forward to grey's as a way to stay in touch with sara.

10. savor the memories. this summer has been a big one for us - much to celebrate and many changes.

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  1. the final harvest of the tomatoes and basil is what i always miss most about summer-but look forward to apples, pears, rosmary and pinot noir!

  2. 11. Mentally prepare for slew of emails from me giving links to things to cook this fall.

    I'm just sayin...

  3. That looks YUM. And oh yeah, I have some wine that I "need" to drink too ;)

  4. Ditto great list and that bread salad looks so good; yum.
    I started a list and got to #4..."weed the garden" and got tired. your #8 and #10 are real pick-me-uppers!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


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