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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2-day Time Again.

...Karen & I completed our first training walk for the 2013 2-day event this past weekend. This was one of the official 2-day walks, which meant there were snacks and water along the way, along with plenty of encouragement. We walked around Stone Mountain twice, which is about 10 miles.
of course I kept score!
There were lots of people out on that sunny Saturday morning. Walkers, runners, cyclists, was good practice for the actual walk that takes us through 30 miles of Atlanta...because cars!

But before we launch full-scale into the 2013 walk - which is going to be Karen's 8th and my 7th (wow!!) - we have one last fun to-do for 2012. That's right - prizes!!! Our sister-in-law Lydia and her very talented quilt club have again donated a quilt.

My photos don't do it justice. It's really beautiful (maybe my favorite one yet - I really love the yellows with the pinks, greens and black).

And Karen knitted a set of coasters.

pink & white of course!

Everyone who donated was entered into the drawing once and each $50 increment earned an additional entry. There were about 60 names in the hat.

First we drew for the quilt.
Congratulations Steve!

And then for the coasters.
Yay, Shari!

We wish we could give everyone a prize - truly, we appreciate everyone's encouragement and contributions. Y'all mean so much to us and the dozens of organizations that receive support through your generosity. Thank you!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


...Marc spent last week in China, five nights in five different cities. I was hoping the quick trip might mean less jet lag. Nope. He managed only about six hours of sleep the first two nights he was home (which means I managed about the same).

Last night it was time for drastic measures. Holly and I slept on the porch. The couch is actually pretty comfortable (especially when you're tired) and the night was cool (we needed a blanket). Everyone's in a much better mood after a good night's sleep. Especially Marc, who left this message for me:


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day. that we're still making wonderful memories!
at Katie's wedding | thank you, Sara, for the photo!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happiness is.

...a new sweater, especially when I'm standing in front of a beautiful oak leaf hydrangea and Katie has my camera!
on Ravelry
This is Date Night, a Nikol Lohr design from Knitty way back in 2011. It didn't really excite me until I saw Roko's version (thanks to post on Fringe Association a few weeks back) with that little flounce. Oh yes, that little flounce; I was obsessed.

I chose Sublime's Egyptian Cotton to make a summery version. The cotton has a beautiful sheen, but otherwise is very different from the suggested Alpaca Silk; it doesn't "give". And that made the top-down, try it on as you go design perfect. Five times on waste yarn paid off; it fits!

All the details for my modifications are recorded in my Ravelry project notes. I'd love to make this again and use the Alpaca Silk. It would be lovely for the holidays in a jewel tone like Ruby or Garnet, don't you think? ...and of course, pearls.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

five things (for June).

...inspired by my One Little Word. Play Grace*. have fun. be light-hearted. channel Grace Kelly.
welcoming sunshine and the colors of summer | june 4, 2013 in my front yard.
1. Get my camera out again. For the past 3+ months, I've been taking all my pictures with my phone. It's easy and "in the moment", but I'm ready for better. I used my camera to take the photo above (also used in the new Summer 2013 banner) and it took me a few tries to remember where the buttons were. Yikes!

2. Train for the Peachtree Road Race. It's a 4th of July tradition in Atlanta and I'm excited to take part for the first time ever, especially since Katie & I are running together. And while I'm not worried about the 10K distance, the heat and humidity (and the crowds) are going to be a challenge. So I'm lowering my expectations and running at least once a week in the mid-morning sunshine (which means temperatures in the mid-seventies). ...remembering the goal here is to have fun, not to set a record!

3. See The Great Gatsby. I re-read (listened actually, Tim Robbins did a wonderful job!) the book back in April to prepare. I know it hasn't gotten great reviews, but I don't care. I want to see it for myself on a big screen!

4. Read along with Books on the Nightstand the June short story.  I'm going to start by listening to it (I downloaded the New Yorker Fiction podcast from January, 2009 where it's read by Thomas McGuane). And I hope I love it because everything I'm seeing and hearing about James Salter's new book (All That Is) makes me want to dive right into everything he's written.

5. Watch Madmen Season 6. The first 10 episodes are queued up on the DVR just waiting for Marc's next trip to Asia...which starts on Monday. I can't wait to actually see firsthand everything I've been reading about, especially the costumes. and Bob Benson. and get myself caught up to join the millions of viewers who will be watching the season finale on June 23.

What are you hoping to enjoy this month?

*June's original intention was "See Grace"with actions related to photography, but the iPhonography class I found starts July 1. And just so happens that July's intention was all about Play, so I've swapped the two months.

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