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Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekending. certainly looks like spring, even if it doesn't feel like it right now. It's a chilly 34 degrees outside and I can only hope the sun warms up before my run. Or perhaps I was simply over-optimistic when I washed and put away my running gloves and hat?
oh yeah! snapped these photos on my drive home yesterday afternoon with sun roof open
Saturday morning I was up early and took a Pilates class. My first in months and it was great. I was sore in some new places, so I know I worked muscles that the yoga isn't getting. I hope I can make that class and the coffee/knitting meet up with my friend Virginia that followed a Saturday morning routine for the next few weeks.

Katie picked me up in the afternoon and we went shopping. She's searching for fabric to recover her dining room chairs; we didn't find what she wanted. But I did find a new salad spinner and great sales at J Crew and Ann Taylor...

Marc and I ate roasted vegetables on salad for dinner and watched basketball. Well, I kind of watched and mostly knitted and looked at things on Ravelry.

Yesterday was another dark early morning. I'm still not used to how late the sun comes up...but I am enjoying the sunrises! I went to the 8:30 service with Katie & Rob and then led the high school Sunday School class. The lesson was about the "lost parables" in Luke 15. We had a good discussion about the seemingly small choices that can lead to getting lost...and how easy and hard it can be to get found. The kids were really engaged with the prodigal son story; many of them identify with the "good" brother and it was fun to see them connect that parable with real life.

I had more time to knit after church and then picked up Katie for my afternoon knitting class (she's become a fairly regular attendee and I so love that time with her!) This was my first Sunday class in weeks and I was delighted to have four students...who hadn't gotten into anything too bad in the meantime! There were a few new finished projects and a lot of talk about what to knit next. We're excited about the upcoming Rowan Mystery Afghan KAL (I don't know too much about it yet, but it starts next month, Martin Storey designed the pattern and it uses their new worsted super wash wool). Three of us picked out yarn (and yes, I was one of the three!)

I got home just in time for more basketball (saw the end of the Wichita State game and I am really glad I'm not playing the bracket game this year - yikes!)  Marc made paleo mexican chicken soup for dinner and we watched Notting Hill for maybe the third time (this month). I love that movie!

The movie and basketball have been great for my knitting - I'm well into the second (of two) balls on the Florence wrap and have started the neck shaping on Tsubasa.

Hope your weekends were sun-filled and productive... and let's hope the same for this upcoming week, too! Have a great one!

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Blogger Lydia said...

it was definitely sun-filled except for yesterday morning. it felt productive, and then not productive at the same time. maybe because there was not girl time thrown in there! will make up for that this week with my sewing buddies. love how you put the photos together.

Monday, 24 March, 2014  
Blogger margene said...

Sun-filled was not the problem and I did well in the productivity area, both knitting and other tasks. Every pilates class take is different from the last and areas of soreness move around. It's like the muscles are coming alive to let you know they're working. Your weekend sounds delightful and full of family and joy. It was 34 here this morning, too. Spring hasn't quiet yet kicked winter out!

Monday, 24 March, 2014  
Blogger Carole said...

The sun is out here, too, but it's COLD. Your weekend sounds like a great mix of everything you love to do.

Monday, 24 March, 2014  
Blogger alexa said...

Pilates, Yoga, and roast vegetables along with cool air and bright sunshine all sounds very healthy! Hope the week is as interesting and enjoyable as the weekend has been. Lovely glimpse into life where you are!

Monday, 24 March, 2014  
Blogger Honoré said...

Better late than never! My weekend consisted of putting together some cubicle bookshelves, among other things. A little backbreaking, but worth it in the end! Yours much more relaxing!

Wednesday, 26 March, 2014  

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