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Friday, June 1, 2018


seen in our front yard on Tuesday morning
I've been a long-time fan of #blueskyblooms ... I think I'm going to start #rainwashedblooms (which apparently is not a thing already ... how can that be given the "spring" we've had?!)

But this post is really about Friday - which came super fast this week!

Thinking about ... June, and what I'd like to say "yes!" to this month.

Grateful for ... generous friends who have offered me help, support and suggestions about so many different things this past week - working around Blogger's comment notification fail, thinking bigger about my blog, balancing our women's ministry financial reports, making copies, punching holes, and simply listening.

Inspired by ... this crazy stormy wet weather to re-think my workout routine. I love getting outside for a walk/run, followed by a little Pilates or yoga, pretty much seven days a week (I tend to skip the extra stuff on Sundays). But maybe a little time on the treadmill mixed in with some other stuff (weights, Pilates, yoga) would be good. (and weatherproof). Oh my - I might even end up with completely different workouts on different days of the week. That was certainly my routine when I worked, mostly because I couldn't work out every day. but non-working me has gradually evolved to more or less the same thing seven days a week. Curious - do you mix up your workouts?

Fun ... Katie and I have made plans to meet back at the Beltline tomorrow morning with the boys. playground. picnic. coffee. ice cream. I can't imagine we won't have a blast!

Here's to a wonderful weekend!



Blogger Carole said...

I love the month of June, it's my favorite! Have fun this morning!

Saturday, 02 June, 2018  
Blogger Mary said...

oops! forgot to comment to turn on notification!

Saturday, 02 June, 2018  
Blogger AsKatKnits said...

Beautiful post, Mary! And, I have been thinking I need to shake up my morning work out routine... you have me thinking.

Saturday, 02 June, 2018  
Blogger Bonny said...

I'm tired of rain here and I imagine you are, too. Our squirrels are loving all the mushrooms that have sprung up; they eat them and then stagger around the yard! Amusing, but rainwashed blooms are much prettier. I hope you're having a great Beltline day!

Saturday, 02 June, 2018  
Blogger margene said...

Opposite ends of the country and we're in a wet (not much wet) chilly vein, too. I am ready for some warmer weather. I heard the pool is closing in October for three months! I am trying to decide who best to change/keep a workout routine. I've got to mix it up come fall. I think I'll add some cycling. Happy weekend!

Saturday, 02 June, 2018  
Blogger Kym said...

Lovely post, Mary. :-) I think mixing up your workout is a great idea. It's good for your body (which doesn't work as hard when it's the same-old-same-old every day, y'know?), your mind, and it keeps you engaged in a more mindful way, too! It's also really important for us to add strength training as we age, so I highly recommend adding some weights to your routine. (I'm sure you wish you hadn't gotten me started on this topic . . . I can really go on.) I hope you had a great time with Katie and the boys! XO

Saturday, 02 June, 2018  
Blogger Lydia said...

My only outdoor activity besides walking Sophie is bike riding and only on the weekends, so I use my bike that is on my trainer indoors when the conditions aren't "jjust" right. Elliptical MWF, and T TH, I do yoga, strength training, maybe the treadmill and I have a HIIT/pilate ish set of exercises. The Tuesday Thursday routine is where I'm not sure what's the most effective as my goal is muscle tone. I think it's always good to switch things up a bit.

Sunday, 03 June, 2018  
Blogger Vera said...

I agree that switching it up is a good thing - for body and soul. I've gotten back into working out at home (arm exercises with weights and crunches) and I'm getting back to yoga on Monday (after a 2 month absence). I like to get in long walks, too, but the weather just has no been cooperative (another wet weekend here).

Hope your Beltline trip yesterday was easy and fun!

Sunday, 03 June, 2018  
Blogger karen said...

I love how you said " how to say yes". Gave me a thought or two of tweaking my attitude. I joined a gym and have a personal trainer who is worth every single penny. I love that he tells me what to do and I just do it. I don't have to plan out my workouts :)

Sunday, 03 June, 2018  
Blogger Juliann in WA said...

We just got rain last night so I need to take a peek at my peonies this morning

Monday, 04 June, 2018  
Anonymous Patty said...

I've got a regular exercise class three days a week and she's good about mixing it up but...I know I need some yoga and stretching for sure! I hope you had fun this weekend!

Monday, 04 June, 2018  

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