Wednesday, August 29, 2007

fashion and fun.

...aka a CAbi party (click The Collection on the upper menu bar to see the clothes) that Lisa hosted last night. I tried to get a good photo of Lisa and Annalisa, but my no flash rule made it tough - here's the best one - you can still see how cute the baby is...and how much Lisa adores her!

and here's a picture of Melanie playing with the "glow bunny" (I'm way behind in kid's toys these days!)

The company was fun - ladies from work and not work that I hadn't seen in a while and catching up was good. Of course the clothes were fabulous as usual. Maybe even better this time around. This was my 4th (wow time flies!) show. I loved just about everything. Did exercise a little restraint because Marcia's planning a party in October. Can't wait!

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  1. very smart looking clothes-the gray sweater in the Oxford collections looks a lot like the Rowan sweater the Yarn Harlot finished earlier in the summer-


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