Friday, June 4, 2010

not knitting.

...that's right - not knitting (well, except for about an inch on a sock wednesday evening, but that really doesn't count, does it?). nope, amazing I know! instead, I...

...finished reading a book - shadow of the wind by carlos ruiz safon. It was amazing. A great story, beautifully written, and now I think I need to visit barcelona (I'm sure I could get katie to come with me!)

...finished my nyc journal - I am so pleased with how it turned out.
it's not quite as full as the one from paris (shown on the bottom), but for a week, I think I did fine. I also uploaded over 70 photos to costco so I can get them into an album. and I did all the laundry, cleaned up the house, bought yarn for my next project and worked a bit.

so now I'm really anxious for some knitting time - but that will have to wait til later - off now to meet my mom & dad for some shopping and lunch. we've got lots to do to prepare for sara's last bit of celebration tomorrow!


  1. what a great way to wind down from a fantastic trip - reading a book and planting the seeds for the next for me. your next project is going to be great. have fun at the party!

  2. I'm really looking forward to looking through your journal and hearing about your trip! Your next project is going to be lovely. What color yarn did you choose?

  3. I will have to look into that book! And your next project looks so beautiful :o)

  4. getting a lot accomplished. look forward to seeing what you've completed.


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