Wednesday, May 12, 2010

new routines.

...I'm sure I must've blogged about this before (but honestly I'm not sure, and I'm not willing to take the time right now to pore over posts from the past 4 months to check - so if you have read this before - sorry) - it's certainly been a theme in my journaling and my weekly postcards to my mom.

27 years in the corporate world spoiled me for routines. monday through friday were spent working. "regular hours". I never had to check my calendar to see if I was free for coffee on a random thursday afternoon. of course I wasn't - I was working. weekends were saved for Plans. and I did routinely check my calendar to see what they were so I didn't overcommit (not that I didn't mess up every now and then :-). but I remembered most of them without even looking. they were Plans, after all.

but now - ask me if I'm free on any day for any thing and I have to check my calendar. because every day is different. some days I teach. some days I work. some days I have errands to run for marc or for sara (or for me). some days I meet friends to knit. some days I have things to do around the house. some days I have [fill in the blank]. every day is just different enough that I feel a bit ... un-centered about it all.

and adjusting to that has probably been the hardest part about these past (nearly) four months. I'm trying to embrace the flexibility, but a deep part of me really (really) craves the routines. four months in, I'm getting better about not being able to make plans for certain things until I have my teaching/work schedule set. and my friends seem more flexible than I about our plans. but I'm grabbing onto every bit of time that I might get ... routine?... about.

like early morning time.

today sara had to be at school early and I faced the reality that sara has just a few more "early morning" days to share. so I tried out something new. 8am on the deck. coffee. journaling. and despite the birds, the kind of quiet that clears my head.

...this could be a good new routine. because 8am is nearly always "free". perfect to be me time. something I can count on. and I know I do need that.


  1. I really value early morning time. It's quieter and there are less demands on one's time. That was one of my favorite parts of camping - getting up early and going outside alone to read and knit.

  2. i think you're off to a great start. i love my quiet time-even if i have to get up earlier to enjoy it.

  3. MSQT - morning solitude & quiet time - has been my routine for close to twenty years and I wholeheartedly endorse it!

    Lucky you that it's been warm enough to sit on the deck...we're not quite there yet...


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