Friday, May 7, 2010

fair enough.

...finished. and photographed. and seriously loved (despite many hours of finishing - time spent kitchenering underarms, picking up and knitting button and buttonhole (twice!) bands, weaving in lots of ends and sewing on grosgrain and ten buttons).

I had forgiven it those hours before it was even dry from blocking. because it is just too pretty.
it fits perfectly. although if when I knit it again, I'll make it a tad shorter in the body and the arms. (more notes on ravelry, here.)
thank you to katie for the photos. and to the rhododendron for blooming at the perfect time.


  1. wow, that was quick-it's stunning and katie did an awesome job highlighting the sweater, you and the flowers. AND all those projects you've completed.

  2. Wow! That looks great and it fits you so well!

  3. What a beautiful sweater! I really like your color choices.


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